July 28, 2015
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No Gym Needed/No excuses

June 5, 2014 1:00 am0 commentsViews: 6
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N1406P46002C.epsFor those people that either don’t belong to a gym, don’t have time to drive themselves to the one they do belong, or just can’t think of a good all around workout that they can do anywhere, here’s one that can work.

It combines some muscular strength, endurance, as well as a little aerobic and core all in one neat little 20 minute package. The only equipment necessary is yourself, a set of stairs (most houses have them), your cell phone, and a set of dumbbells but not too heavy. No dumbbells? Use two large cans of food.

Ready? Grab your phone and locate and learn how to use the stopwatch feature. You didn’t think you were going to use the cell phone for talking, I hope. The goal of the following sets of exercises is to see how many rounds you can complete in 20 minutes: (1)10 Squats; (2) 10 Push-ups; (3) 10 stair laps (going all the way up and down is one lap; (4) 20 full mountain climbers; (5) 10 Push presses (a full squat immediately followed by dumbbell presses upon returning to the upright position); (6) 10 full sit ups.

Keep repeating all six sets of exercises non-stop until 20 minutes is up. Another nice thing about this workout is that you can assess yourself periodically to see how your workouts have improved your stamina and endurance. No matter how busy or where you are, anyone can spare 20 minutes.

**Warning: For those who are brand new to working out, try the exercises without the time limit and set a goal off adding rounds as your body becomes conditioned more gradually.

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