Dollar Express Plus is open for business.

Dollar Express Plus, a full service deep discount retail store, is open for business.

Dollar Express Plus locally owned and operated by Mike Sikoutris at 525 Beckettt Road in Logan Township is open for business and offers literally thousands of items in over 25 major merchandise categories all priced at just $1.

Whether you need hardware, cosmetics, detergent, cleaners, balloon bouquets, food and snacks, greeting cards, party supplies, small electronics or anything else under the sun, chances are you will find it and more at Dollar Express Plus.

Sikoutris has stocked his store with basic needs and unusual items all of the highest value with all selling at only $1. Treasure hunters are advised to take notice. With the help of Dollar Store Services, he will have 100’s of new items available every week.

Sikoutris knows that making his store “new” every week will provide their customers with great values and keep them coming back every week to see “what’s new”.

Dollar Express Plus is open seven days a week.

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