SWEDESBORO — Wondering what might help activate Swedesboro’s Central Business District (CBD)?  The answer to that question and more will be the topic of a special public presentation on Oct. 9 at Tavro 13 beginning at 7 p.m.

The Swedesboro Economic Development Committee invites and encourages all residents and business owners to attend this important presentation by Strategic Advisory Group (SAG).
Earlier this year, SAG was retained to provide research, analytical assessments, and strategic planning services to the Borough of Swedesboro, funded through a grant from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. SAG’s core tasks included assessments of: the potential development opportunities for the borough-owned land between Cheega Funeral Home and Tavro 13; ideas for responsible recruiting to fill business vacancies; strategies for marketing the town as a destination; and an analysis for transportation improvemswedesboro borough hallents.
“This presentation outlines ways Swedesboro can consider in making its downtown a more vibrant place and play a more prominent role in the life of its residents,” explained Tony Peterman, SAG’s Senior Partner.

“It has been a pleasure working with the people of Swedesboro and its Economic Development Committee. We’re excited to share our recommendations.”
“Over the past nine years, our Committee has worked tirelessly to develop a marketing strategy for the CBD,” said Diane Hale, Chair of the Borough’s Economic Development Committee.

“We are eager to present SAG’s concepts and ideas for improving our downtown, but are mindful that further discussion within and among the community will be necessary before any final decisions are made and action is taken.”
Tavro 13 is located at 1301 Kings Hwy, Swedesboro. Complimentary refreshments will be served to those in attendance.
For more information on this public presentation, please visit www.historicswedesboro.com.

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