Logan Looking to Solve Vacant Homes Issue

logan sealby Robert Holt

BRIDEGPORT — At the Logan Township Council meeting on Oct. 22, Mayor Frank Minor announced that a task force was being formed to decide what to do about a recent rash of vacant homes in the community. Minor acknowledged that the economy had taken its toll on a number of Logan residents, and there had been higher incidences of abandoned and vacant homes in the town in recent years.

“Logan has a responsibility to be proactive in coming up with solutions to our problems,” the mayor observed. “We’ll get a comprehensive plan back in 30 days.” Township Councilmembers Doris Hall and Stephen Dougherty were named to the task force.

Later in the meeting, CFO Robert Best and Administrator Lyman Barnes announced that Logan was taking on a bond anticipation note of $5.1 million that would pay off all of the community’s permanent debt.

Bond anticipation notes are short-term temporary debts. Barnes pointed out that they had received an interest rate of .00879 percent for the note.

Best noted that Logan Township would be paying off all of its permanent debt in November. “We’re probably sitting better than any town in Gloucester County,” he commented. “The next bond issue we have to pay for is in 2016.”

The Council awarded two contracts during the evening. One went to Bogey’s Trucking and Paving as the lowest responsible bidder for the 2013 Road Program at $248,628.75, while a contract for Automated Refuse System Equipment went to GranTurk Equipment Company for the amount of $328,927.

Also, an ordinance was passed on its second reading that granted South Jersey Gas Company permission to use public streets to furnish gas for the community.

In Public Works, Superintendent Mike Riley reported that his department was maintaining property and cutting grass around the township. Riley also mentioned that concrete work had begun on Beckett Road as part of the Beckett Road project.

Minor also recognized the Logan Day festivities that took place Oct. 5, labeling it a very successful experience. Councilmember Bernadine Jackson thanked the sponsors and everyone involved for their participation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minor presented Francis Donnelly, a long-time member and chairman of the Logan Planning Board, with a proclamation. Donnelly is retiring after 16 years of service to the community.

Minor called Donnelly “one of the outstanding citizens” of Logan Township. “It was easy to put forth this proclamation for Frank,” praised Minor. “I don’t know anybody in this town who has worked as hard as Frank has.”

Donnelly was Chairman of the Planning Board for 14 years, and also served on the School Board. “You will leave a void on this Board from all of your experience,” Minor said.

Dougherty is another member of the Planning Board. “Frank was always ready to run a good meeting and a tight meeting,” the Councilmember added. “I thank him for his leadership.”

Donnelly thanked his family for their support, and said the proclamation was an honor.

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