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MICKLETON — At their meeting on Nov. 12, the East Greenwich Township Committee tabled a resolution that would express the community’s interest in joining a Gloucester County residential energy cooperative. The Committee felt they needed more information about the program before taking action.

Mayor Fred Grant indicated that he had not been able to get the group to come to a Committee meeting for a presentation. “The supplier will change, but the residents will still pay their bills to Atlantic Electric.” Grant explained. “It will save our residents money.”

They also tabled the introduction of an ordinance that would amend the powers of the mayor. According to Committeeman Dale Archer, the ordinance would change the language of a chapter titled “Township Committee” to no longer allow the mayor to “appoint” members to the Planning Board or a committee, but to recommend them.

Mayor Grant commented, “Make sure you’re allowed to amend it through state law.”

Old business left on the table was action that would award a quote on the Amherst Farms basin fence. The Amherst Farms Homeowners Association is requesting a fence for a six-foot wet basin they fear could present a safety risk to children. A temporary fence has been in place at the location.

Also, no action was taken that would authorize advertising for bids on the sale of police vehicles, and the request by a youth ministry group to use the municipal building for meetings also remained tabled.

The Committee approved the salary ordinance after a public hearing, but they tabled an amendment of the No Parking ordinance to include Quaker and Cohawkin Road. They wanted to be assured that funding would be available for “No Parking” signage.

In Public Safety, Committeeman Sam Giordano reported that the department was having conversations about combining police forces with Woolwich Township. He noted, “We are only in the preliminary stages.”

And Committeeman Tom Decker commended the Construction Department for being up 19 percent in construction revenue.

In the public portion of the meeting, Frank Cossaboon, a member of the Gatherings at East Greenwich Homeowners Association board, requested that a group of Gatherings representatives meet with the Committee in the future regarding the release of bonds.

Cossaboon said he had already met with community builder Beazer Homes about uncompleted items. “We have our hand on the issues of the community, and we plan to hire an independent engineer in the future,” Cossaboon related. “We wish to be proactive with the Township Committee on the issues.”

Grant pointed out that the Township’s engineer has to do an onsite inspection before we release any performance bonds.

Republicans Stephen Bottiglieri and James Philbin, who won election to the Township Committee in the recent elections, were in attendance at the meeting.

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