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kings things foodSWEDESBORO — The Holiday Season is approaching and as in years past, King’s Things is preparing to make this a cheerful season for all the community.

One of the special meals King’s Things puts together for families for Christmas is a traditional turkey dinner that includes stuffing and vegetables. Each family receives a full turkey and the size of the turkey will depend on the number of family members..

The annual King’s Things gift and food drive began the last Saturday in November and runs until the week of Dec. 16.  Volunteers are set to give their time and talents to handle donations when they will be sorted, packed, and delivered to the community. Drivers will be needed to deliver the donations on Dec. 21. For more information, please call 467-1796.

If you would like to donate a wrapped gift for a child or Senior Citizen, age and gender specific tags are available at many locations around the town – Old Swedes Trinity Church, Saint Clare of Assisi Church, Bethesda Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church and the First Baptist Church.

Last year the Christmas Program supported 238 families in our area and Kings Things was able to send two SUV’s filled with Christmas gifts to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

In order to fill in missing items, Mr. and Mrs. Dupper shopped at Aldi’s, filling their pickup truck to overflowing. Mrs. Dupper was in tears after a former recipient made a cash donation.  Packing cartons were donated by Lacas Coffee Company. There was a large donation of food from the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints. Homemade cookies were made by Brownie and Girl Scout groups.

This year’s program will be directed by Mary Beth Rambler, assisted by Maggie Brace, Carol Dupper, Pam Dupper and their spouses. Donations from businesses, churches and schools will be picked up by Bob Reistle.

We at King’s Things are extremely grateful to Father David Grover, Pastor of St. Clare of Assisi for the use of the hall.

The schedule for 2013 is as follows: Monday, Dec.16 – Food Sorting; Tuesday, Dec. 17 – Food Purchasing; Wednesday, Dec. 18 – Packing; Thursday, Dec. 19 – Gift Sorting; Saturday, Dec. 21 – Delivery.

While people are especially aware of needs during the holiday season, King’s Things hopes to have a system in place for more consistent donations throughout the rest of the year.

King’s Things also offers low price seasonal clothing for adults and children. It also offers toys, books and other items for sale.

King’s Things is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Thursday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

All our volunteers who work generously behind the scenes want to make this a joyous season for all of our community.

In 1983, King’s Things was established by five local churches that included Bethesda United Methodist, First Baptist, First Presbyterian, St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic and Trinity Episcopal.  King’s Things volunteers are participants from all of these faiths.

King’s Things is a non-profit business that helps people with a variety of issues. During this time of the year, one of its primary missions is to give food to those in need.  And during these difficult economic times, it’s a need that is arising more and more for families in the Swedesboro/Woolwich area.

As the need for food continues to rise each month, King’s Things hopes its food pantry can continue to meet the needs of the hungry beyond the holiday season. Donations of non-perishable items such as peanut butter, jelly, canned goods, pancake mix and syrup, bread stuffing, dried potatoes, soups, etc. are gratefully accepted throughout the year.

The first step in the process of getting food is not complicated or time consuming. It’s just a matter of going to King’s Things and filling out a simple form. The registration is done at a desk in a private room and takes only a few minutes. Your privacy is maintained at all times.

Sometimes it’s a matter of helping keep a family warm. King’s Things has established connections with power and fuel oil companies that allows them to meet those needs in emergencies. The organization is a short term emergency solution and can make references to County and Social services.

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