Logan Endorses Pureland Rail Line Plans

logan sealby Robert Holt

BRIDGEPORT — At their meeting on Dec. 17, the Logan Township Council endorsed two resolutions designed to improve rail line service at the Pureland Industrial Complex.

In two separate projects, SMS Rail Service will be getting $1,567,890 for expansion, while $1,252,890 would go toward upgrading the line.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation provides funding for selected rail freight services across the state through its Rail Freight Assistance Program.

SMS operates 6.5 miles of track through Pureland. SMS operates 6.5 miles of track through Pureland.

“There will be no new crossings, there is no impact to the residents at all,” explained Administrator Lyman Barnes.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Frank Minor acknowledged the passing of 11-year old Logan Township resident Russell Leone, who had recently been killed in an ATV accident with a dump truck.

Minor said he was able to reach out to the Leone family through the help of Logan Township Police Chief James Schmidt. “We extend our deepest condolences to the Leone family,” Minor lamented.

Council also passed an ordinance authorizing the acquisition of recycling containers for the amount of $150,000. “I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on this ordinance, and it’s all been positive,” commented Minor. “That’s a good thing.”

“The Township can now pick up waste by automated machine, and we will be the first community in the county to do it that way,” pointed out Councilmember Stephen Dougherty. “We continue to be progressive, and set the tone.”

In other resolutions, the Council authorized addendums to its shared service agreements with Harrison Township and Swedesboro for solid waste and recycling collection. Deputy Mayor Doris Hall lauded, “There’s been nothing put praise for our shared service programs.”

Elsewhere, Public Works Superintendent Mike Riley reported that his department had placed snow fences in areas where they were needed. Riley noted that Public Works had inspected their snow equipment that would be needed for inclement weather issues, and were filling in the community’s potholes.

In his police report, Chief Schmidt said that Logan police had answered 1,718 calls for service in November.

Police Chief Schmidt announced that patrols had recently provided an escort for a marine who was returning to the area. Corporal Paul Gramm, who grew up in Logan Township and attended Kingsway Regional High School, has returned after a 7½-month deployment to Afghanistan.

Barnes mentioned that Schmidt is completing a term as President of the Gloucester County Police Chief’s Association this year.

At the end of the meeting, Minor affirmed that the overall state of Logan Township at the end of 2013 was good. “Overall, I think that Logan has fared well, given the economic conditions,” Minor stated. “Our infrastructure is strong, and our roads are where they need to be.”

“Our shared services programs continue to be a model for the state,” he continued. “I always believed that an organization is only as good as the people we have surrounding ourselves.”

“I see no reason we can’t accomplish the things we need to do,” the mayor concluded. “There are some brilliant people in this town who are doing good things.”

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