Restaurant Review – Jus’ Shrimp

Jus’ Shrimp
8 Village Center
Logan Township
jus shrimpIf you have a craving for fresh shrimp, there is no need to travel further than the Beckett Shopping Center for a trip to Jus’ Shrimp.

Owned by Woolwich Township resident Cynthia McKnight, the small, clean, bright restaurant is located in what was Mama Bear’s Children’s Clothing store. Jus’ Shrimp opened their doors in November.  At this time Jus’ Shrimp is only a made-to-order, take out restaurant, but McKnight said plans could soon include outdoor seating once the weather warms up.

Jus’ Shrimp’s menu features large fried, pick and peel, or grilled white shrimp in a variety of coating flavors and dipping sauces. McKnight chose to only use white shrimp because she said it has the best flavor.

Besides shrimp, the restaurant also offers a fish special on Fridays, shrimp and fish wraps, and fish sandwiches for lunches. Sides include shrimp salad, potato salad, coleslaw, and biscuits, and for dessert they have homemade pound cake, Chubby Chucks cookies and a cookie pudding.

You can also get combo meals of either 6 shrimp (fried or grilled), or 12 pick & peel shrimp that include seasoned fries, biscuit, drink, and dipping sauce.  They also have Wednesday shrimp specials, the Friday fish special, lunch specials, and kids meals.

In the fried shrimp coatings, you can choose from their signature flavor, firehouse shrimp, Cajun shrimp, or grilled shrimp. Pick & peel flavors are mild or hot.

I called McKnight and ordered a variety of their shrimp that she recommended which were the signature, firehouse, and Cajun shrimp, along with fries and pudding. I had the barbecue, Cajun, and spicy orange dipping sauce.

The fried shrimp were large and very crunchy but not overcooked and all the crust did not crumble off. Their signature shrimp was pleasantly flavored but not hot. Their firehouse shrimp is aptly named. Don’t be fooled by its lack of kick for the first few chews. The heat creeps up on you and before you know it you’ll be reaching for that drink. Dip it into the spicy sauce and you are on fire. If you want to cool it down, I recommend dipping it in the barbecue sauce.

And speaking of sauces, their cocktail flavored sauce was a favorite with my husband. It had a definite horseradish flavor versus a ketchup flavor. The sauce was strong but not overpowering.

The Cajun shrimp had a tiny bit of heat, but was not overwhelming. It was a nice combination with the jerk dipping sauce.

I topped off the meal with their cookie pudding. The large portion of vanilla pudding was very creamy with shortbread cookies hidden in it. It was a cool ending to a spicy selection of shrimp.

On a prior visit I had ordered some pick and peel shrimp. Pick and peel comes in mild and hot. The hot has a nice kick to it. Just be aware that the pick and peel shrimp is freshly made so it has a little of its boiling liquid with it. Just be careful carrying it home.

Prices range from $12 a dozen for pick & peel shrimp to $24 a dozen for the fried shrimp. Specials run from $8 to $10. Combos are $14.99 for 6 fried or grilled shrimp, and $13.99 for 12 pick & peel (mild or hot) shrimp. Catering and party trays are also available.

Just remember that all the shrimp and fish are made to order. This means that there is a wait of a few minutes but this is so much better than getting soggy fried food that has been sitting around.

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