Kings Things Grateful For Donations But Still Need More To Feed The Area’s Needy

food pantry webSWEDESBORO — The overall success of King’s Things Food Pantry is due in fact to the joint efforts of the community and volunteers. Several years ago we discovered the need to expand the food pantry. It’s now open four days a week year round.  The reduction of Federal programs (SNAP) and a continued high rate of unemployment has placed additional pressure on the pantry.

Carl Rainer, Pantry Manager, researched the possibilities of King’s Things making strategic purchases from the Food Bank of South Jersey. After going through the application, training and inspection process, Kings Things began making purchases on a monthly basis.

One of the many challenges was the round trip of 50 miles to Pennsauken if they were to pick up at the location. They needed to use an enclosed van. However, when purchasing 750 pounds of food, they will deliver to Kings Thing’s site.

Kings Things is extremely grateful for donations of food from the five churches in Swedesboro, Kingsway High School, Logan Elementary, The Goddard School, The Harker School, The Stratton School, St. Clair of Assisi CCD classes, The Church of Latter Day Saints, the Post office campaign of Stamp Out Hunger, many businesses, as well as cash donations from many individuals.

By year end, Carl Rainer and the core of pantry volunteers served over 2,000 people. Every family received enough food for a week. These are prepacked by the volunteers and consist of hot or cold cereal, pancake mix, syrup, canned tuna, vegetables, soups, rice, beans, potatoes, pasta, pasta sauce, meat, and when available bacon, fish, fresh fruits, canned fruit always.

Vouchers are issued with the cooperation of Botto’s Market for perishables such as bread, milk, eggs, cheese, ground meat, butter and more. Volunteers also shop at various markets to balance our inventory.

The cost of running the pantry continues to grow as the need continues to grow. As you may know, the SNAP program was reduced by 13.6 percent for this year. Based on preliminary figures the cost of operations has grown to well over $30,000.

The pantry is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m. to3 p.m. or by appointment.

Each client must fill out an application form, present a picture ID and proof of residency. Kings Things serves the Kingsway High School sending district. (Logan Township, East Greenwich, South Harrison, Swedesboro and Woolwich Townships.)

King’s Things is thankful for your help and looks forward to your support this year in helping people in our mission “To feed and clothe the needy”.

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