Kingsway P.A.W.S. Mobilize Student Volunteers To Help Sick Dogs With Donations

WOOLWICH TWP. — Kingsway Regional High School’s student organized P.A.W.S. Club held an emergency meeting after having been alerted that about 20 dogs were rescued by officidog webals from a Pitman home recently.

The dogs lived in deplorable conditions, covered in feces and urine matted in their fur, and remain in the care of the Salem County Humane Society. The dogs are receiving medical evaluations, grooming and bathing.

Student members of the P.A.W.S. Club are collecting newspapers to assist the Salem County Humane Society line dog cages. Posters now line the halls of the high school, alerting the student body to the situation, and to promote their donations drive.

“This is what our group is all about. It’s incredible to see our kids so motivated and care so much about the welfare of animals. I’m just so proud of them. And the outpouring from staff has been overwhelming. I’m so touched,” said P.A.W.S. Co-Advisor Lisa Camp.

The P.A.W.S. Club, which stands for Promoting Animal Welfare and Safety, is also using proceeds from previous fundraisers to make a donation to help these sickly dogs. Moreover, P.A.W.S. will be making bracelets to sell in April for Animal Cruelty Awareness Month.

For those who want to help our P.A.W.S. Club or the Salem County Humane Society assist these dogs please consider donating any of the items below. Donations will be accepted by students who make up the Kingsway P.A.W.S. Club or can be dropped off at the Salem County Humane Society directly.

Donations can be made directly to The Salem County Humane Society, N. Game Creek Road, Carneys Point, NJ  08069 (856)299-2220. For more information, or to help the society, please visit For a complete list of items to donate see below.

Needed are: dog/puppy food they use: 4 Health Chicken & Rice (wet and/or dry, cat/kitten food (any kind), dog and cat treats, dog toys like some Nylabones, Durachew for the strong eaters, cat toys; “clumping” litter, dog- martingale collars- all sizes, dog harnesses- all sizes, doggy coats- all sizes, paper towels, bleach, Lysol wipes, HE (High Efficiency) liquid soap for washer, dryer sheets, dish detergent, hand soap/sanitizer, surgical type gloves for cleaning, septic safe toilet paper, Kuranda dog beds, scratch posts/towers for cats, mops/brooms.

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