Technology Meets A Swedesboro Business

app webSWEDESBORO — You’re driving south down King’s Highway. Swedesboro is two miles away.  It’s a beautiful Saturday evening. The kids are in the back seat heading home after a great ball game at the park.

As you drive past Kingsway High School, you think about how good your kids have been and how much you’d love to do something special for them. But what?

But then it happens. Your cell phone lights up with an alert…“How about some ice cream?”  Perfect you think. It’s just the right thing to round out a great day. It’s your favorite treat and it’s just a mile up the road.

“Hey kids, who wants ice cream?” But you know the answer and don’t bother to say it. You drive straight through town and within moments you’re at The Smiling Parrot Ice Cream and Water Ice.

Everyone’s excited and you’re the hero. And your discount coupon, delivered straight to your phone, make the treats taste just a little sweeter.

So what just happened? It’s simple, technology meets ice cream. And, it’s just a “taste” of what’s coming.

We all know those little gadgets have changed the world, but what many of us don’t know is just how big a change that is. In the case of the “Smiling Parrot App”, all you had to do was download it off the Apple or Google app store and whenever you’re in the area, it gives you an alert and a nice discount coupon if you stop in.

And no, it doesn’t take a Silicon Valley startup to make that happen. It just takes a little Swedesboro know how and some smart app developers and there it is. Advertising delivered right to your customers in the palm of their hands…literally.

So if you’re a business owner, you might think about how powerful it can be to have your app on your customer’s cell phone. It’s just another way to get the word out and bring the customers in.  For Swedesboro, it might just be the beginning of the next Google. Ok, maybe a stretch, but think big, get big.

For more information, visit and see how your business could benefit from a little modern advertising.

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