Logan Adopts 2014 Municipal Budget With Small Increase

logan sealBy Robert Holt

BRIDGEPORT — At their meeting on April 15, the Logan Township Council passed a resolution to adopt their 2014 municipal budget reflecting a small increase, after a public hearing.

Homes that were assessed at Logan Township’s average of $187,927 will see an increase of $0.021 for each $100 of the home’s value. This would equal a $3.19 increase per year for the average home.

Administrator Lyman Barnes pointed out that the average Logan Township residential property pays only $8.28 per week. “We continue to manage the municipality in a financially responsible manner by looking at our budget and financial position not just for the current year, but also with an eye toward cost management and taxation to our residents over the upcoming years as well,” commented Barnes.

Mayor Frank Minor thanked Chief Financial Officer Robert Best and everyone who participated for the adoption of the budget. “We had no layoffs, no furloughs, and we have no permanent debt,” Minor noted. “We continue to be fiscally responsible for the benefit of our residents, and we appreciate the efforts of everyone involved.”

“Our residents have gotten this kind of service for 11 ½ years, and we see no reason it won’t continue in the future,” he added.

Elsewhere, in resolutions, the Council approved a payment to Bogey’s Trucking and Paving, Inc. of $101,250.12 for the reconstruction of Beckett Road.

And Councilmember Stephen Dougherty praised the success of the recent Little League Parade, which marked another opening day for the leaguers. “It was a good event, and a lot of neighbors came out to see the parade,” Dougherty observed. “We had good weather, and there was minimal disruption.”

In his police report, Logan Police Chief James Schmidt announced that the Department had made 2,055 calls to service for the month of March. The Chief also explained that scam phone calls from a person claiming to represent South Jersey Gas had gone out to about 15 or 20 businesses. Schmidt believed the calls were coming from out of the country, and said they were being investigated.

In Public Works, Superintendent Mike Riley reported that his Department had been cleaning out old mulch and flower beds throughout the Township. He also said they had picked up 135 tires during March, which was Tire Amnesty Month.

Also, Public Works began their automated trash collection program on April 28. Each Logan home has received a 95-gallon yard waste container, and the community will now conduct yard waste removal in the same manner as it does its trash and recycling.

Three employees currently pick up yard waste by hand on Mondays in Logan Township. That number would be cut to one with the new automated equipment.

In new business, the Council authorized the use of Township Line Road Park and the Little League ball fields for a 5K race on Saturday, May 17. Dan Lockwood made the request for the second Mark’s Run for Special Needs.

Lockwood said that he planned to donate a portion of the proceeds from the race to the Logan Township school system.

And Council denied a land donation request from Joe Finocchiaro for a parcel located next to Cooper Lake on Route 130. “It’s swamp land, there’s no dry land attached to it,” commented Barnes. “I see it as more of a liability.”

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