The Snow’s Not The Only Thing Melting….

fitness webFinally, after four months, I lost two whole pounds. Remember two months ago when I mentioned how hard it is to lose excess pounds during the winter months no matter how hard you try? It’s no joke. It took me four months to start to see results.

The truth is, in order to be active enough to consciously burn more than we consume, we really never are active enough in the winter. Couple that with eating more than we are willing to admit.  All the while fighting through our conscious efforts to cut back while fighting boredom, we end up maintaining at best and growing more frustrated.

The past weekend that brought sudden high temperatures and had everyone believing we moved straight to summer, skipping spring, reminded me that the battle is going to get so much easier. That’s because it will seem effortless. We will no longer be forced to engage in ‘deliberate’ exercise only, but will automatically become more active with outdoor activities that will cause us to burn more than we consume.  By the mere fact that we will spend more time doing outdoor chores, engage in outdoor fun, and keep our ‘deliberate’ exercise routine, the weight loss will suddenly accelerate. Not only do I become more active during these longer days, my appetite decreases in hot weather. I also tend to drink more water to stay hydrated during the hot summer days filled with all this exciting activity so when it is time to eat, I feel full faster.

This is why I told you to hang in there and not get frustrated a few months ago. All your hard work and effort is going to pay off. The snow is not the only thing melting faster these days. While everything is so dull and deliberate in the winter, things become more vibrant and active during the summer, whether you want it to or not (active- wise that is).

I do recognize that summer also brings more festivities, and festivities always include abundant food. To stay on course, try suppressing your appetite a bit by drinking a glass of water before indulging in the munchies. You’ll end up eating a little less and feeling full faster. And if you do end up overindulging, stop being a spectator and join in the volleyball (or whatever other) game that might be going on. If that doesn’t work, there’s always that household project you can finally finish.

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