Logan Adopts Ordinance to Upgrade Municipal Building HVAC

logan sealBy Robert Holt

BRIDIGEPORT — At their meeting on July 15, the Logan Township Council adopted an ordinance that would replace and upgrade the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of the Municipal Building.

Logan Township would appropriate $550,000 under the ordinance, and general obligation bonds and bond anticipation notes would be authorized to the aggregate amount of up to $500,000. The ordinance was adopted on its second reading.

Administrator Lyman Barnes has called the cooling system “past the use of life,” and said it was around 40 years old.

In a resolution passed later, Council awarded the contract for the improvements to Gaudelli Bros., Inc. Engineer Annina Hogan called Gaudelli Bros. a “qualified contractor.” The company’s base bid was $374,400.

An ordinance regarding the Logan Township 2014 road program was adopted on its second reading. The sum of $400,000 would be used to improve and upgrade township streets. Up to $350,000 would be authorized in various bonds for the work. That contract went to SMB Paving LLC, who submitted a base bid of $151,566.75.

But Logan received no bids for Phase 2 of its Beckett Road reconstruction, and Hogan was authorized to re-advertise. The Logan engineer was also expected to advertise for bids on upgrades to solar lighting in the Township Line Road Park, and for bids on improvements to the Logan Library site recreational area.

Another resolution passed by Council extended the date for payment of Logan Township’s third quarter taxes to Aug. 29.

In Public Works, Superintendent Mike Riley reported that his department had completed storm drain cleaning and inspections, and repairs were expected to take about two weeks. Also, Public Works has installed two new drinking fountains at Township Line Road Park.

Later, Police Chief James Schmidt announced that the Logan Township forces received 1,961 calls to service during June, and five arrests had been made in recent home burglaries. He also mentioned Logan’s National Night Out; set to be held at Peachwood Recreational Club on Aug. 5 between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Also, Council accepted the resignation of Township Police Officer Sherman Lee Hopkins Jr. Schmidt said Hopkins had been with the department since 2007.

Minor called Hopkins an outstanding officer. “Chief Schmidt and Captain Robert Leash have done a great job in training these young men,” Logan Township Mayor Frank Minor praised. “”We do wish him well in his future endeavors, and would welcome him back to Logan Township if he ever chooses to return.”

At the beginning of the meeting, Council presented plaques to Amanda Smedley and Randy Smedley Jr., two volunteers with the Youth Parks and Recreation Committee. “These two young people have volunteered with us for a very long time,” Minor commented. “We wanted to recognize their efforts.”

“Thank you so much for your years of service,” added Councilmember Bernadine Jackson. “You’ve always been there when we needed you.”

Jackson earlier noted that the Logan Day Committee is beginning to form. This year’s Logan Day is scheduled for Oct. 4.

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