Swedesboro Transfers Kings Liquor License to Swedesboro Liquors

swedesboro borough hall Robert Holt
SWEDESBORO — At their meeting on Sept. 15, the Swedesboro Council approved a resolution that would transfer a liquor license from Kings Liquor, Inc. to Swedesboro Liquors, LLC.
The former owner of Kings Liquor Store, Mario Falciani, has been accused of making racial remarks and refusing to serve customers. A settlement between the borough of Swedesboro and Falciani closed Kings Liquor Store until the new ownership took over.
Falciani had previously had his liquor license suspended for 30 days in 2013 for similar offenses.
Mayor Tom Fromm saw the experience as an affair the community would like to put in the past.
In other resolutions, Council rejected a bid from Garrison Enterprises, Inc. for sanitary sewer repair at Raccoon Creek, and approved a change order that would increase a crosswalks rebid for Ocean Construction by $2,811.63.
Fromm announced that pedestrian crosswalks had been installed on the south part of town. “Downtown ones will be installed next,” Fromm related. “The crosswalks make us feel a lot safer.”
Also, Council introduced an ordinance that would designate the position of Qualified Purchasing Agent. Municipal Clerk Tanya Goodwin observed that establishing the job would increase Swedesboro’s threshold for bids and proposals. “We have to create this position to allow our new CFO to do anything,” Goodwin said.
Meanwhile, Chief Financial Officer Elizabeth Pigliacelli has been hired on an interim basis by the community due to the passing of former CFO Jeff Coles, who died in Aug. at 51. Pigliacelli is also the CFO of Pilesgrove.
In his police report, Woolwich Township Police Chief Russell Marino noted that police presence had been out and visible for the reopening of school in September. Marino expressed concern about numerous reports of large trucks traveling Franklin Street, but Fromm told him he hadn’t received any complaints in a couple of weeks.
At their previous meeting, Swedesboro had just approved a five year agreement to extend shared services with the Woolwich Police Department.
Elsewhere, Councilmember Joanna Gahrs commented that she had seen residents leaving larger items like mattresses and mirrors intended to be discarded partly out in the street. “It could be dangerous to the children, they might get cut,” Gahrs commented.
In Committee reports, Councilmember Sam Casella confirmed that the Historic Preservation Committee had been turned down for a grant for the second straight year. “We’ve had college students serving as interns, and for some reason the state is unhappy with that,” Casella explained. “The state also sees it as a hindrance that we don’t have a historic district.”
For her Municipal Alliance report, Councilmember Diane Hale mentioned that she would be reaching out to local schools regarding money for their upcoming programs, such as bullying.

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