Logan Township Authorizes Purchase of Police Vehicle

by Robert Holt

logan twpBRIDGEPORT — At their meeting on Dec. 16, the Logan Township Council passed a resolution that authorized the purchase of a 2015 Ford Police Interceptor utility vehicle. The vehicle was valued at $26,417.

Another resolution was approved that allowed the purchase of emergency lighting and safety equipment for the vehicle. The equipment was purchased for $7,765. Items included in both resolutions were purchased through state contracts.

In his police report, Logan Township Chief James Schmidt announced that the department responded to 1,409 calls for November. Schmidt noted that the police had collected speed survey data for certain areas, were reviewing it, and would take action where it was deemed necessary.

The chief added that the Logan Police had applied for a grant to acquire two tasers.

Elsewhere, Public Works Superintendent Mike Riley reported that his department would be receiving a recycling grant from the state in the amount of $57,418.

In his report, Riley said that Public Works had been filling in the remaining potholes in the area during recent breaks in the weather. He added that they’ve also put up the snow fence, and checked the plows on the municipal trucks.

“We’re as ready as we’re ever going to be if we happen to have a snow event,” Riley assured the Council.

In other resolutions, Council authorized the purchase and installation of two bus shelters by the New Jersey Transit Corporation. Councilmember Stephen Dougherty observed that the bus shelters would come in handy on days of inclement weather.

The shelters were scheduled to be installed at Center Square Road and Beckett Road. Dougherty thanked New Jersey Transit for the efforts, saying, “I really believe this will be a benefit to the townspeople and other commuters.”

Another resolution authorized payment of $27,190.10 to Gaudelli Bros. for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning improvements to the municipal building. Council adopted a resolution to replace and upgrade its system in July, and Administrator Lyman Barnes has said it was around 40 years old.

Council also adopted a resolution authorizing payment of $32,926.98 to Ronald Janney Electrical Contractors for the Logan Township Line Road Park solar path lighting project. They also approved a raffle license application for a Woolwich Township VFW Post Casino Night for April 17, 2015. Schmidt said that he had conducted background checks, and found nothing inappropriate.

And Council granted a Soil and Placement Permit to Soil Safe, Inc. Soil Safe recycles soils that have been contaminated with a number of petroleum products and metals.

Council also discussed the NJ4 Hazard Mitigation Project, but no action was taken.

The hazard mitigation plans were required by FEMA, according to Barnes.

“Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties joined together to form a plan,” explained the administrator. “FEMA requires it to be renewed every five years.”

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