Swedesboro Included in Top Small Cities List

By Robert Holt

swedesboro logoSWEDESBORO- At their meeting on Dec. 16, the Swedesboro Council touted the borough’s inclusion in a list of the Top 14 Small Cities in New Jersey. An article posted on website citydescribed.com listed Swedesboro as number 12 on its list.

City Described writes about cities across the United States. Their story credits Swedesboro for being “Extremely Livable,” and notes that residents have immediate access to New Jersey’s major roadways.

The article can be found at citydescribed.com, and on Councilmember Patrick Wilbraham’s Facebook page. “I was hoping to make the top 10,” joked Swedesboro Mayor Tom Fromm.

But Fromm expressed disappointment in November’s police report. “There were a fair amount of DUIs in both towns, which was discouraging,” the mayor commented.

Fromm maintained that local police were cracking down on speeding, and said the town was getting prices on radar speed signs.

Council also talked about the community’s recent advances in economic development. Recent businesses opening in Swedesboro have included a Mexican restaurant and Farmers Insurance.

Also, Swedesboro Liquors is expected to open in March. Council approved a resolution in September that transferred a liquor license from Kings Liquor Store to Swedesboro Liquors after Kings former owner faced racism accusations.

Municipal Clerk Tanya Goodwin explained that Alcoholic Beverage Control licensing regulations allow customers of an unlicensed restaurant to bring their own beer and wine to an establishment unless the town has an ordinance against it. But she noted that a restaurant couldn’t advertise that they are a BYOB establishment. Councilmember Diane Hale observed that the information might be helpful to new restaurants that may be opening in town. And she noted that she wanted to plan a meeting to discuss Swedesboro’s economic development projects for 2015.

The Councilmember mentioned that efforts were being made to move the “Welcome to Swedesboro” sign closer to the road, but they might involve moving a tree.

Fromm noted that everyone on Council should take note of the signs in the area that need repair, saying that some should be paid for by the state and Gloucester County. “We’re responsible for snow emergency signs,” pointed out Fromm.

In her Clean Communities report, Hale announced that some organizations have made commitments to work on town cleanups in the spring.

In Finance, Fromm said that reassessment letters were mailed in early December. The mayor added that he expected to be involved in budget meetings soon.

Elsewhere, Fromm noted that the ice rink was being leveled off for its reopening, and Councilmember Sam Casella reported that Atlantic Electric was working on fixing street lights in the area.

In his Library report, Councilmember Dave Flaherty said that a camera would be getting installed in the Swedesboro Library soon. In Parks and Recreation, Councilmember Joanna Gahrs reported that a Health and Wellness Fair was taking place on Jan. 17 at the Charles Harker School.

In resolutions, Council approved an interlocal agreement with the Woolwich Construction Department that would create uniform inspection codes.

Council also made note of the plans by South Jersey Gas to begin contaminant remediation activity at the former Gas Plant site in January. Auburn and High Hill Road will be closed for about six months, and the project is expected to be completed in late 2015

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