Swedesboro Discusses State of Crosswalks Project

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SWEDESBORO- At the Swedesboro Council meeting on Jan. 20, Woolwich Township Police Lt. Sheldon Lewis said some of the town’s crosswalks have not been fixed to his satisfaction.

Swedesboro has recently been installing a number of crosswalks around the community. One problem is that the lines are not completely visible at a crosswalk on Kings Highway and Lake Avenue.

Swedesboro Mayor Tom Fromm admitted that winter weather had not allowed line painting, but insisted that the Public Works Department needs to do something.

“They could even use a form of tape to get through the winter,” Fromm suggested.

Motorists are required to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. Pedestrians can push a button at a crosswalk that will activate a sign’s flashing lights and warn a motorist of their presence.

Councilmember Patrick Wilbraham told him that stop signs were being disregarded at Helms Avenue, Guest Avenue, and Third Street. “It stopped for a time, but has started up again,” commented Wilbraham.

But Lewis was pleased about the way Swedesboro’s residents have adapted to the new crosswalks. “It’s impressive to see people stopping and hitting the button at the crosswalks,” he observed.

In resolutions, the Council approved shared service agreements with Gloucester County and the Gloucester County Improvement Authority for the use of certain stages on Swedesboro/Woolwich Day, and for its Dancing in the Streets events. They also authorized Fromm to sign a contract with the Department of Public Works and the teamsters.

In Garbage and Recycling, Councilmember George Weeks reported that as many as 25 new units may be added to the program this year. He added that disposal fees are expected to increase by 1.53 percent.

And Councilmember Sam Casella said he was looking into grants for both the Environmental Commission and the Historic Preservation Committee. Historic Preservation has been turned down for grants twice in the past two years. “The state frowns upon the person writing the grant doing the work,” noted the Councilmember.

In Clean Communities, Councilmember Diane Hale reported that different organizations were interested in setting up community cleanups. Casella added that no smoking signs were expected to arrive shortly.

“I think they’ll be a benefit for our town,” he commented.

Hale announced some changes in Swedesboro’s event schedule in her Economic Development report. The Olde Kings Blues Knite, held in April last year, would not be held in 2015, and would be revamped. She noted that Rode’s Barn had been booked early this year.

The Councilmember said the Outdoor Living and Garden Show would be Swedesboro’s first big event in May.

Hale also reported that Fulton Bank was interested in doing a presentation about loan money that is available for small businesses.

Elsewhere, Fromm observed that the community wasn’t having much luck with the ice skating rink this year, and it had often been dominated by ice hockey players. “If hockey players want to play, they might play at some unusual times,” the mayor said.

In Finance, Fromm reported that Swedesboro has the framework for a 2015 budget, “if everyone gets in everything on their wish list.” He mentioned that engineers were still getting prices on a few potential projects.

And in new business, the mayor added that he had received a call from a person who wanted to bring a gym facility into the area.

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