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swed wool parks webWOOLWICH TWP. — The 2015 Calendar year is underway- and do we have a wonderful line-up for you!

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Father-Daughter Dances (for daughters in Swedesboro or Woolwich): Yes, we have expanded to THREE dances! Dance # 1 will be Friday, March 20 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (for 2nd and 3rd graders). Dance #2 will be Saturday, March 21 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (for Pre-K through 1st grade). Dance #3 will be held on Saturday, March 21 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (for 4th through 6th grade students).

Tickets will go on sale Feb. 20 and are available online only. Due to fire code capacity restrictions, limited space is available. Further information will be posted on our Facebook page. Be sure to look for our Mother-Son Event in the near future.

Remember, Parks and Recreation members work hard while having a great time throughout the year to provide fun community events. Do you have ideas to contribute? Consider becoming a Parks and Recreation Committee Member. There is currently an opening. Call Michele @ (856) 693-6526 if interested.

The Town and Country Golf Clinic will be held March 21 in the morning. Details and ways to register are on the Facebook site or woolwichtwp.org P&R page.

Join us for our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Locke Avenue Park on March 28. This free event hosts fun to children of all ages. Specific times for egg hunts based on ages will be given next month. There will be 10,000 candies, stickers and trinkets filling the eggs. Our co-host Crossbridge Community Church helps provide the fun.

The 2015 Health, Wellness and Safety Fair has been postponed to Saturday, April 18 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and will be bigger and better than ever. This will be a completely interactive, hands-on experience with educational games or demonstrations and screenings along with health, wellness or safety related give-aways. Thanks in part to our Patron Sponsors Lempert Orthodontics, Center Square Family Dental, Achieve Physical Therapy and Fitness.

We are proud of our community. Swedesboro and Woolwich work together to provide a healthy environment to raise a family. Plans such as the Open Space and Recreation plan helps to set goals and timelines for our community needs with the best possible land uses throughout the Township to meet these goals. The Committee is providing opportunities for healthy development so our children can become productive and healthy adults, and our families can benefit by reducing disease and achieving optimal health.

Join us for the 2015 Health, Wellness and Safety Fair and find out how to be a better ‘you’. Interested vendors (pertaining to any aspect of human or animal health, wellness, safety or ‘healthy’ food vendors) should obtain an application at http://healthandsafety.webs.com, or visit www.swfun.shutterfly.com for more information.

To learn more about upcoming events, visit www.woolwichtwp.org Parks and Recreation Page.

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