A nice intense workout called my 15-10-5-10-15

fitness webThe following is a nice workout for those looking for something they can fit into their schedules at any time without the need to leave your home. I suggest this workout be done NO MORE than twice a week and never two days in a row.

(1)   15 lunges EACH leg, alternating the lunges followed by 15 push-ups

10 lunges EACH leg, alternating the lunges followed by 10 push ups

5 lunges EACH leg, alternating the lunges followed by 5 push ups

Repeat the 10 lunges each leg followed by the 10 push-ups, then repeat the 15 lunges followed by the 15 push ups.

(2)   15 squats followed by 15 bicep curls EACH arm

10 squats followed by 10 bicep curls EACH arm

5 squats followed by   5 bicep curls EACH arm

Repeat the 10 squats and bicep curls, then repeat 15 squats and bicep curls

(3)   15 side lateral raises (dumbbells) followed by 15 leg extensions

10 side laterals followed by 10 leg extensions

5 side lateral raises followed by 5 leg extensions

Repeat the 10 side laterals and extensions, then repeat the 15 of both

(4)   This next exercise requires either a large stability ball or secure end table where you can, while lying on your back, place your heels together on top of table keeping your legs bent at the knee at 90 degree angles and your palms down at your sides on floor

15 hip raises or ‘planks’, keeping your toes pulled back toward shins followed by 15 crunches

10 hip raises followed by 10 crunches

5 hip raises followed by 5 crunches

Repeat both the 10 repetitions of each followed by 15 just like exercises above

***make sure you do not slide away from the table or ball and keep your feet pulled back toward shins (in dorsiflexion)

(5)   15 tricep extensions or (push downs) followed by 15 hammer bicep curls EACH arm

10 tricep extensions followed by 10 hammer bicep curls EACH arm

5 tricep extensions followed by 5 hammer bicep curls

Repeat both the 10 repetitions of each exercise followed by the final 15 of each exercise

If you do not have access to a leg machine for the leg extensions, (3), exchange that exercise for lying leg raises. Food cans, bottles, bricks, and exercise bands can take the place of dumbbells if need be but if you do not have dumbbells, these are the single best things to have on hand.

Like any other exercise routine or plan, if you are not used to exercise of any kind, do not jump into this type of workout unless cleared by a physician. Try it at your own pace. Try your best but do not go beyond what is reasonable for you. For those that successfully try it, you will feel it.

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