Swedesboro and Local Police Address Glen Echo Speeding

by Robert Holt

swedesboroSWEDESBORO — At the Swedesboro Council meeting on April 20, Woolwich Township Police Lt. Sheldon Lewis informed the members that signage had been added to Glen Echo Avenue in an effort to curtail speeding.

There have been potential safety fears regarding a school bus stop at Glen Echo Court and Glen Echo Avenue. Buses pick up between 15 and 20 students at the stop. A nearby crosswalk has also been painted.

Lewis noted that police install radar signs at a location for a two-week period. He explained that they calculate how many vehicles are crossing the street and how fast they are going during the first week. In the second week, the signs are turned off.

“Regular drivers on the street learn that they’re up by that time and slow down,” Lewis continued.

The lieutenant pointed out that 13 radar signs are currently in place in Woolwich Township and Swedesboro. “We look for the major trouble spots, and then increase our police presence there,” Lewis said.

Lights flash the vehicle’s speed on the radar signs, and they’ll begin to flicker if the driver is exceeding the speed limit, according to Lewis. He said the radar signs are rotated around the community.

“Our whole focus is to make Woolwich and Swedesboro a safer place to be,” commented Lewis.

Meanwhile, Swedesboro Mayor Tom Fromm reported that another crosswalk at Kings Highway and Lake Avenue has also been painted.

In resolutions, Council approved a wine tasting for the upcoming Outdoor Living and Garden Show on Kings Highway between Railroad Avenue and Church Street. Also, the new Restaurante Colosio was granted permission to add outdoor seating.

Fromm asked for the chairs to be consistent in appearance, and said that patrons bringing a bottle of wine outdoors was allowed, as it is indoors. “As long as they don’t walk off with it,” he clarified.

And after a public hearing, Council approved an ordinance that designated a handicapped parking space at 35 Franklin Street. Another ordinance was accepted after a public hearing that granted the South Jersey Gas Company permission to furnish gas for Swedesboro. “Their agreement was reviewed by the solicitor,” Fromm observed.

In environmental news, Councilmember Sam Casella reported that the Commission was still looking at grants worth $1,500 for community lakes and trails, and said they would probably receive an answer in about two months.

In his library report, Councilmember Dave Flaherty mentioned that a digital camera had been moved to the library’s elevator.

And Councilmember Joanna Gahrs reminded Council that a bus trip to the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York was taking place on May 14, and the Outdoor Living and Garden Show was scheduled on May 16.

Gahrs also noted that the Swedesboro/Woolwich School Board has voted in a new superintendent, Kristin O’Neil, who will start in June.

In other news, Municipal Clerk Tanya Goodwin reported that Swedesboro Liquors is still in the process of obtaining permits to operate their business, and the town is looking for locations to place 20 new no smoking signs.

During the public portion of the meeting, Caroline King, the coordinator for the community’s first Ducky Dash Regatta, spoke about her event. It is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 1 at Lake Narraticon, and supports abilities awareness.

The Ducky Dash Regatta benefits the Buddy Bench Project in Swedesboro/Woolwich, and KIIDS (Knowledge and Information about Individuals with Downs Syndrome), among others.


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