9/11 Memorial Dedicated In Woolwich

memorial garden webThe Annual Woolwich Township Patriots Day Ceremony held on Sept. 11 was a special event this year, with the unveiling of its 9/11 Memorial Garden at the Municipal Building. Woolwich Township Police Special Officer Sean Sturgis (left) takes part in the flag ceremony along with Special officer Chad Lago. The garden features the steel beam from the World Trade Center that the township ceremonially brought to its new home on June 10. The steel beam is preserved in its current condition, damaged by the attacks and building collapse, and is the centerpiece of the memorial. It is anchored to a concrete pedestal with the plaque depicting the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, Swanksville PA, and the U.S. Pentagon, and honoring all of those lost on that day. The memorial is set on pavers in the form of the Pentagon. The dedication of the 9/11 Memorial represents a two year effort made by Mayor Samuel Maccarone and Woolwich Deputy Fire Chief David Valichka. “This means a lot to both our police and fire department”, Valichka said. “After the Twin Towers came down, both departments sent people up there, along with other county units. In addition to the massive loss of life and injured, our fellow men and woman in uniform took an unimaginable hit that day. That’s not something you forget, and we want to make sure the community remembers.” In its new home at the Municipal Complex, the steel beam will serve as a monument as part of future Patriot’s Day events and other similar activities. According to Mayor Maccarone, the ceremony is as much about remembrance as it is a reminder to remain vigilant.  “We cannot forget that people came over here and murdered hundreds of innocent Americans on U.S. soil. They will attack us again if given the chance, so we recall that terrible day to honor the victims and their families, while also showing support for our troops and other men and woman in uniform who are still fighting to keep us safe.”

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