Woolwich Announces Date For First Public Session & TDR Auction

woolwich twp webBy Barbara Godshalk

WOOLWICH TWP. — Woolwich Township Director of Community Development Matt Blake informed the Township Committee at their Dec. 21 meeting that a second round of letters was sent to landowners involved in the Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program, informing them that the first public information session is to be held Jan. 26 and the TDR auction will be held March 29.

He also stated that the Agriculture Development Program provided a spreadsheet containing data used to derive the maximum the township is willing to pay for a credit.  The database included farmland preservation projects and market value appraisals.

A Transfer Development Right credit is issued for each building that could be built. If a property could be subdivided into five units, the owner has five credits available for sale. The credits could then be used by the purchaser for building in designated high density locations.

The credits will be purchased with a $5 million dollar state grant for preservation funding as well as a $2 million dollar bond fund from the township. The township will purchase development credits through sealed bids. The township will hold onto the credits and plans to sell them to developers in the future.

Also that night, a proclamation honoring Committeeman John Fein was read by Mayor Sam Maccarone referring to Fein’s “invaluable contributions” and the township’s “sincere and unending gratitude” for all his hard work. “It’s always been a team effort,” said Fein.

He also wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity to have served. Fein served on the township committee for six years and completes his last term as of Dec. 31, 2015.

A proclamation honoring Maccarone was also read, referring to his “legacy of hard work and dedication” and calling him the “epitome of a public servant”.  Maccarone is a third generation mayor of Woolwich Township. Maccarone said he was thankful for the support from the residents and his family through the years.

He described his most important achievements as having “solved the water and sewer problem on 322”, and bringing a piece of steel from the World Trade Center to the Township in 90 days.

Under the mayor’s leadership, an agreement was put in place with the Logan Municipal Utilities Authority to handle sewage disposal. This agreement was a necessary step for commercial development along Route 322 in the township.

“The employees here made me look good,” he said. Maccarone has served on the committee since 2007, and became mayor in 2011.  He completes his last term on the committee as of Dec. 31, 2015. He did not seek re-election.

Committeewoman Jennifer Cavallaro referred to Fein as a “good man who truly is dedicated to this community”, and to Maccarone as a person who is “able to embrace all people at all times”. Woolwich Township Administrator Jane DiBella presented both men with prints of the township building.

In other business, Committeeman Frank Rizzi mentioned that bonds issued by the township could have their payment dates extended or combined with later issues in 2016 to save the township interest. He also projected tax rates to remain stable in the coming year.

Other items covered during the meeting included granting the tax collector’s office the ability to refund or transfer property tax payments and a resolution for a change to the landscaping for the Township 911 Memorial.

In addition, the paving project between Moravian Church Road and Swedesboro Road has been completed. The township has used 13 tons of asphalt this month for road repairs.

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