Over 2,000 Families Fed Thanks To King’s Things

kings things foodSWEDESBORO — With the effort of volunteers, the many churches, the pantry, and several organizations, Kings Things is able to feed well over 2,000 people.

Every month, just like clockwork, Marie and Ed Young of the Methodist Church in Repaupo brought in large amounts of nonperishable grocery items. Dave Rode of Rode’s Catering allows the use of freezer space. And with the help of others, they stored thousands of pounds of meat throughout the year.

Kings Things personnel read that SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) will be cut back. According to a recent article, it stated that it’s going to put a hardship on food pantries to keep supplied because now more people are going to have to depend on food pantries than ever.

What can we do? In order to offset the projected increase of applicants for assistance, King’s Things’ efforts will be directed to generate additional funds to purchase food and continue our community outreach.

King’s Things community outreach aides our clients with financial assistance that ranges from rent, fuel oil, water, sewer, gas, emergency housing and help bury the dead. Food, funds and volunteers are always needed.

If you can help please call Joe Denney  856-467-1796.


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