East Greenwich Introduces 2016 Budget: Zero Tax Increase

east greenwich webMICKLETON– At their meeting on May 24, the East Greenwich Township Committee introduced their 2016 municipal budget, and it did not include a tax increase.

CFO Bob Law noted that the town used its surplus to balance its budget this year. “We won’t be able to do that next year,” Law admitted.

Committeeman Stephen Bottiglieri explained that East Greenwich’s they could go without a tax increase this year because of expected revenue in the town this year.

“Our surplus was higher than I calculated, and the town has recovered overall faster than we expected,” Bottiglieri explained. “This budget is fair to the taxpayers and to the community.”

The Committee gave Law a lot of credit for working on the budget. Deputy Mayor Jim Philbin thanked Law for his guidance and his professionalism. Committeeman Richard Schober added, “Law kept us on the straight and narrow.”

Law listed East Greenwich’s surplus at $1.2 million. Mayor Dale Archer happily pointed out that the town’s surplus was less than $16,000 in 2014.

“We brought our business experience and our government to this community,” Archer stated. “Now we are on our way to financial stability.”

Earlier in the meeting, Archer swore in Deputy Police Chief Christopher Everwine as East Greenwich Township’s new Chief of Police. The position has been vacant since the end of 2015.

The Committee had a lot of kind words for Everwine. “He lives in East Greenwich, and he bleeds East Greenwich,” said Bottiglieri. “It’s always a difficult job to go through the potential candidates, but he made this an easy decision for the Committee.”

“You have a lot of vision and a lot of goals,” Philbin observed. “Now it is up to this Committee to work with you to bring them to fruition.” Schober said he’d never seen a more honorable man.

“I am proud of you. This town can only be as strong as your ability and your courage,” added Archer. “I am still a resident of East Greenwich when I am out of this office, and I will feel that much safer for me and my family with Chris Everwine as Chief.”

Audience members attending the meeting supported Everwine during the public session. Wilfredo Rojas of Mickleton commented, “That man exemplifies all the fine qualities we look for in a police officer.”

Upon receiving his opportunity for a reaction, Everwine said, “I consider this an honor and a privilege. We will be available to residents, there will be an open-door policy, and we look forward to making this the finest police department in the county.”

Police officers from Woolwich Township, Harrison Township and Camden County came to the meeting in support of Everwine. Woolwich’s new Police Chief Richard Jaramillo also was in attendance.

“East Greenwich is just one cog in the county,” pointed out Archer. “It’s important that we all stick together.”

In resolutions, Christine Monaco was appointed as Utilities Clerk, and Charmaine Whitten was named as SUCC Clerk. Another resolution authorized the issuance and sale of tax anticipation notes in the principal amount of up to $1,000,000.

Also, the Committee honored the retirement of Carole Riehl, an employee of East Greenwich’s Water and Sewer Department for 28 years. “Carole Riehl has been a real pillar of the Water and Sewer Department,” praised Archer. “We commend her for her untiring and selfless service to the community.”

— by Robert Holt

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