A Fond Farewell

fitness webby Jackie Smith

I decided that now would be a good time to bid all my readers a fond farewell.  For several months I’ve struggled to come up with anything that wasn’t simply a different version of everything that has been covered in my columns for the past nine years.

Yes it’s been that long.  In 2007 I kicked off with many articles related to current trends in health and fitness and even offered some work outs for you to try.

Regular readers would have noticed that a lot of my articles were more ‘health’ related than actual physical fitness tips and ideas. The point was to prove that exercise without a concentration on overall healthy and realistic function that included injury prevention was, well, pointless.

Through these last years we’ve witnessed people exercising to the ‘point’ of creating more problems physically than what is necessary. The old ‘too much of a good thing’, also known as ‘extreme’ habits that many people choose to develop.

Nothing is ever enough attitude took over for a while. We all know who they are.

My approach always was and always will be to incorporate a lifestyle that enhances my chances (oh that rhymes) of aging well and not having to nurse injuries caused by overuse or simple carelessness and recklessness that often takes over the fitness industry.

To help you be successful, I hope I’ve given you some great advice, both physically and nutritionally to achieve the same goal. I may not be writing anymore, but the advice offered in my past columns is still sound advice that you can continue to use.

As I’ve aged along with you, some of the same normal health issues that many of you face like increasing blood pressure, slowdown of metabolism rates, achy joints have been experienced. Okay, maybe not the achy joints, but they sure are making some funny noises now. I’d like to think my lack of achy joints is a result of my never having become ‘extreme’.

As we face some of these ‘aging’ challenges together, remember my advice on eating healthy and getting regular moderate exercise. Eating healthy doesn’t mean giving everything you love up. Simply keep calories in check, choose foods that are nutrient dense (have a lot of nutritional value), keep sodium to a minimum, and don’t forget to keep all sugar to a minimum.

As far as exercise goes, you don’t have to go crazy. Simply move more than you sit. Get up and walk, run, complete physical chores, take the stairs instead of elevators/escalators.

Take a class in something physically challenging and fun. Join a sports team. Find something physical you love and let that be your motivation.

Finally, keep stress under control and don’t ignore suspicious symptoms no matter how old you are. And don’t forget humor. I hope I offered enough of that as well.

I’m happy every time someone reacts in surprise when I tell them how old I am. Most of it is due to the very active lifestyle I’ve practiced both professionally and personally.

I want to age gracefully and functionally and have a better quality of life as I laugh my way toward old age.  I hope I’ve helped persuade you to do the same.

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