Letter In A Bottle Found

IT MIGHT NOT be as romantic as a letter in the bottle found washed up on the beach from an ocean tide, but a couple in Woolwich Township found an unsigned message in a bottle floating along the edge of the Raccoon Creek in the beginning of June and they’d like to find out who wrote it and where it came from. The couple, Debbie and Steve Rash, were in their backyard which borders the creek cleaning up recycling material that had floated in. Debbie Rash stated that her husband picked up the clear plastic water bottle and noticed the paper inside containing a two page note. The note was actually both a message to the writer’s “future” self, and to whoever found the note. The letter begins: “Dear futer me. Thank you for being who I was. Who ever pick this up believe yourself. I’m a child now but I will be a teen some day. There’s another note. I wish I could control were this bottle goes but I can’t. I rote this when I was 9 and on 9/15/15. I am going say I can make a wish. You can make a wish.” There is more to the letter, so if you can complete it, then you know who wrote it. Please email The New Town Press with your information to editor@newtownpress.com. So if you are anywhere near the creek and spot a floating water bottle, pick it up and check to see if there is a letter in it. If there isn’t, just be sure to put the bottle in the recycling anyway.

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