Verizon Wireless to install network nodes

swedesboroSWEDESBORO – At the meeting on Dec. 5, the Swedesboro officials approved a preliminary plan that would allow Verizon Wireless to install network nodes throughout Swedesboro.

Network nodes are antennas that increase data service and reliability for Verizon customers. The nodes are roughly two feet tall and no bigger than a paint can. In addition to the antenna, a radio box will be stacked on top making each node five feet in length. Due to the small size of the district only 1 to 3 nodes would be necessary.

New or existing poles would be utilized for this project, Kosimar said. Utility companies would be contacted prior to installation and it would not interfere with their work in any way. Locations, permits, and plans will be discussed in the New Year. For now, the municipal package approval just means development for 2017.

In more correspondence news, Swedesboro passed a resolution in support of New Jersey’s Senate Bill 981 regarding eWaste retrieval and disposal. The bill would assure that manufacturers provide for the collection, transportation, and recycling of all devices collected in a year. To avoid placing fines on tax payers, New Jersey plans to move forward with pushing manufacturers to continue to pick up recycling.

In school board news, Council Representative Alice O’Blennis and Kingsway High School are developing a program for students interested in government. Students in the Kingsway Student Government Association would have the opportunity to attend municipal meetings in Swedesboro.

“If these students want to pursue government, the next step after college is local government,” O’Blennis explained. “It would be a chance for them to see what we do and how we operate.” One student would attend a municipal meeting and report back to the school government with what the council discussed.

O’Blennis has met with Kingsway Superintendent Dr. James Lavender, but is still waiting on a meeting with the vice principal. The program could be ready for later in the year.

Councilperson Diane Hale reported that the clean communities shredding event on Dec. 10 was a success. Over 1,500 pounds of paper and 800 hard drives were recycled. The event was so well attended that the plan for a spring event is already forming.
“We would like to see Swedesboro and Woolwich alternate,” Hale said. Each quarter the towns will switch who hosts. “That way Woolwich residents can have the same opportunity in their town.”

Street lighting reported that Atlantic City Electric has made changes to the way residents can report outages. The map for power outages via mobile app and online is now powered by Google Maps. Councilman Sam Casella was told by Atlantic City Electric that this will allow for more specific location tracking and estimated wait times to decrease when reporting an incident.

The 9/11 memorial plans were also discussed. Casella reported that the committee met last week and that all members agree. They want the memorial to be special and easily accessible to the community.

Casella believes it is important for all of the committee members to come together to discuss what the memorial should be. “This isn’t just about one committee, but all of us working together.” Mayor Tom Fromm agreed, adding that while this may take years to accomplish, the development process has been successful.

by Jessica Zappasodi

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