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letters webTo The Editor,

I would like to express my gratitude to the Woolwich Township Police Department, Gloucester County EMS, and the fire departments of both Woolwich and Each Greenwich Townships.

My husband and I just moved to Woolwich three weeks ago with our one year old son. On Wednesday evening, my husband had been feeling ill, and our carbon monoxide detector alarm had sounded several times. We called for assistance, and the response time from all departments was immediate.

Police, fire, and EMS personnel were all friendly and thorough in their assessment of my husband and our home. Both fire crews went through our home top to bottom and found no evidence of carbon monoxide and assured us our home was safe.

We truly appreciate the prompt and professional response from all involved!

With sincere thanks,

Janine Panico

Woolwich Twp.

To The Editor,

I am writing this after sending off our benevolence payables for the month. This month was substantially higher than most. King’s Things received a tremendous amount of requests for aide, mostly for the termination of services from Atlantic City Electric.

Today is Father’s Day, June 18, 2017 and although a few weeks late I salute the many Dads I know. You may ask what’s difference between a Father and a Dad? Most males can become a father but NOT all fathers can become a Dad. A Dad does not abandon his children or fail to support them or run from problems.

Last year the Dads at King’s Things handled over 40,000 pounds of food. That does not include over 14,000 pounds in the Holiday Program. The food was either purchased from the food bank of South Jersey, donated by schools, churches, Scouts as well as individuals like Dads named Jake, Sam or Marie.

These Dads are guys like Carl who over sees the food pantry. Joe Carr, who is getting better every day, Capt. Joe, Joe D, Roy, Tom, Bob, Ray Dipper and more. They are Dads because of the will to help others and the sweat of their brows gained the right to be called  DADs.

I did say Marie, in a sentence or two ago. The ladies that I have the pleasure of meeting wear two hats, Mom and Dad.

Our volunteers moved 27 tons of food, into out of some very small quarters. “To feed and clothe needy” takes dedication and commitment.

So once again I thank the Dads and hope you had a wonderful day

Gerry Siglow, Chairman

Kings Things


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