Swedesboro’s First Food Truck Thursday Event a Huge Success

swedesboro food truck aug proof web side3SWEDESBORO — On June 29, Swedesboro and the Economic Development Committee hosted its first Food Truck Festival. This was the first of a series of three events this summer.

Walking around the Swedesboro Auction Park was reminiscent of block parties when families ate together and sat around picnic tables talking and sharing stories about the neighborhood.  With cell phones and computers away, television sets turned off, people came out in droves to enjoy the weather and each other’s company.

On life-sized games, father’s taught children how to play chess and mother’s challenged their kids in connect four. Families, some who already knew each other and some who had just met, were seen having corn hole tournaments and sampling food together.

Wide-eyed children walked from vendor to vendor trying to figure out what food they wanted to try first. If nothing else, to see the community playing, laughing and eating together, was heart-warming.

In a time when there are so many negatives, Swedesboro stepped up the game to bring everyone together. With thousands in attendance, there was not one argument or bit of trouble. This was a night where people just enjoyed being with each other.

Sixteen vendors participated, each truck offering a different cuisine. The event garnered so much attention that within one day, seven new vendors wanted to show off their delicacies.

Due to the number of guests that attended, it is suggested that you bring lawn chairs or blankets.  The Auction Park is located at the intersection of Fow Avenue and Locke Avenue.

If you have any questions about the events August, please email Ceri Galati at cgalati@mattioni.com.

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