Help Yourself Break The Cycle Of Poverty

SWEDESBORO — As you see The Greater Swedesboro Area has another “round about”….however the area has many circles. They are the cycle of poverty.

Imagine if you will, you’re driving and enter a traffic circle. We’ll call it poverty, and every exit is blocked. You keep driving and driving around and around with no way to get out.

The first exit is blocked by a divorce, or a death of a spouse causing a significant loss in family income. The second exit is blocked by medical bills, with high deductibles and co-pays. The third a loss of job – you’ve been down sized.

The fourth exit is blocked by the failure of social security to keep up with inflation. The fifth exit is blocked by unforeseen expenses, such as the car broke down.

Perhaps if you planned ahead a little better you would have avoided the circle. We have often heard “no one plans to fail but fails to plan”.

This fall, King’s Things will be strongly suggesting that applicants for financial assistance contact The Center for People in Transition. This center is located at Rowan College at Gloucester County 1400 Tanyard Road, Sewell, NJ 08080.

The Center offers services that range from individual interviews to determine needs, referrals to community resources, support groups for separated and divorced people, work shops on self-development, job search skills including resume writing and job interviewing techniques, and assistance with job leads.

In that this service is free and supported by the United Way, it would be fool hardy not to utilize The Center for People in Transition.

With that we may be able to break the exit barriers in the poverty circle.


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