passMORE Dance Start Their New Competition Year Off With A Bang

SWEDESBORO — passMORE DANCE opened their year at the Beyond the Stars regional in Voorhees with resounding victories with solo’s, groups, and duet-trios in all genres, and 16 of 33 entries received the highest adjudication of Diamond.

passMORE DANCE was most appreciative to be given the ADCC Studio of Excellence Award, given for technical and choreographic excellence, showmanship, but also work ethic and integrity.

passMORE DANCERS sport their new ADCC Studio of Excellence tee shirts.
passMORE DANCERS sport their new ADCC Studio of Excellence tee shirts.

Solo results:

Owen: 1st overall 13-15 Solo

Jadelynn Stoffyn: Made for the Stage Special Award

Adie Arcari: 1st overall 7-9; and Miss Beyond the Stars

Lauren Perry: 5th overall 10-12, Entertainment Standout

Yasly Nunez: 3rd overall 10-12

Mikey Mallozzi: 2nd overall 10-12; and Mr. Beyond the Stars

Bella Boye: 1st overall 10-12 and Miss Beyond the Stars

Elli Caunitis: 8th overall Teen

Ella Arcari: 4th overall Teen

Emmi Caunitis: 3rd overall Teen

Mackenzie Rattigan: 2nd overall Teen; Terrific Tapping Award

Madison Meredith: 1st overall Senior and Miss Beyond the Stars

The following soloists were invited to be in the Opening Number at the National Finals: Bella Boys, Yasly Nunez, Adeline Arcari, Michael Mallozzi, Lauren Perry , Elli Caunitis, Madison Meredith,  Mackenzie Rattigan, Emmi Caunitis, and Ella Arcari.


Kiersten Powell and Madison Betsill: 3rd overall 13-15

Scott Milligan, Jaysen Bechtold, Owen Boskey: 2nd overall 13-15

Scott and Kathryn Milligan: 1st overall 13-15

Madison Meredith and Yasly Nunez: 5th overall 13-15

Madison Meredith and Mikey Mallozzi: 1st overall 13-15

Mikey Mallozzi and Adie Arcari: 1st overall 7-9; Perfect Pair Award

Mikey Mallozzi, Lauren Perry and Bella Boys: 1st overall 10-12

Pep Rally : 4th overall 10-12 Small Group

Lean On: 2nd overall 10-12 Small Group; Ultimate Entertainment Award

Message in a Bottle: 1st Overall 10-12 Small Group

Break Free: 3rd overall Teen Small Group

Hole in the Earth: 2nd overall Teen Small Group

passmore Shining - Stellar Award web
Shining: 1st overall Teen Small Group; Stellar Award (Highest Scoring All Star Group)
SHINING DANCERS received the Stellar Award for the highest scoring all star group.

Never give up: 1st overall Teen Large Group

Knock you out: 1st overall Teen Line

Suicide squad: 4th overall 13-15 Small Group

Toy Story: 1st overall 13-15 Production

PYT: 2nd overall 13-15 Small Group

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