Swedesboro offers used clothing & footwear collection at your door

SWEDESBORO — On June 4, Swedesboro made it easier for everyone to de-clutter their homes by introducing convenient curbside clothing recycling for all its residents.

Swedesboro is partnering with Curb My Clutter, a service that enables residents to easily schedule free collection of their unwanted items via text.

According to Mayor Thomas Fromm, “Swedesboro is dedicated to improving the lives of our residents and bringing services like Curb My Clutter that offer convenience while minimize the environmental impact of our community and saving taxpayer dollars associated with waste disposal.”

According to Bob Anderson of Curb My Clutter, “Curb My Clutter can help reduce taxpayer dollars spent sending clothing to landfill and preserve our natural resources.”

To participate:

  1. Text “pickup” to 856-556-3453
  2. Send pictures of items you’d like to recycle to earn rewards via the text conversation.
  3. Schedule your pickup date.

For more information about Curb My Clutter, visit www.curbmyclutter.com

For more information on waste management and recycling in Swedesboro, visit www.curbmyclutter.com/Swedesboro

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