PassMore Dancers Score Big At Nationals

SWEDESBORO — Twenty dancers from the small town of Swedesboro ventured to the Legacy East Coast National Finals where they went up against giant schools from Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts among others. They believed they could, and THEY DID!

Kudos to these amazing dancers and the awesome teachers and choreographers who got them there.

Final results are: Owen Boskey: 6th overall intermediate teen solo

Bella Boye: 7th overall advanced teen solo

Yasly Nunez: Awesome attack award

Madison Meredith (tap): Shred the floor award

Madison  Meredith(contemporary): Creative concept award

Jadelynn Stoffyn: Dancing Diva award, 6th overall mini solo

Michael Mallozzi(hiphop): Hiphop madness award

Adie Arcari: Fierce Feet award, 2nd overall advanced petite solo, 1st runner up Miss Petite Legacy

Michael Mallozzi (tap): 1st overall advanced petite solo, Mr. Petite Legacy

Lauren Perry: 7th overall advanced junior solo and the let me entertain you special award

Say what’s on your mind: 9th overall teen intermediate duet/trio

That’s that girl: Great style award, 3rd overall teen intermediate duet/trio

Most girls: 1st overall teen intermediate duet/trio

I’m yours: 1st overall advanced petite duet/trio

Drought: 8th overall advanced junior duet/trio

Boss: 5th overall advanced junior duet/trio

Bad girls: Fierce and ferocious award, 6th overall advanced teen duet/trio

Wizard of Ahs: 3rd overall advanced teen duet/trio

Surfin’ USA: 6th overall advanced senior duet/trio

Suicide squad: 9th overall intermediate teen small group

Pyt: 3rd overall intermediate teen small group

Knock you out: 4th overall advanced teen lines

Message in a bottle: Fancy feet award, 5th overall advanced junior small group

Pep rally: 6th overall advanced junior small group

Never give up: 6th overall advanced teen large group

Shining: Fast and furious feet award, 2nd overall advanced teen small group

Lean on: 3rd overall advanced teen small group

We were thrilled to have four groups selected to recompete in the Showdown of the Legends: Toy Story, Message in a bottle, PYT, and Shining.

Toy Story placed third in productions showdown

Toy Story:  Prize winning production team.

Message in a bottle was 2nd in the junior showdown

Message in a Bottle:  Bella Boye, Adie Arcari, Lauren Perry, Kathryn Milligan, Michael Mallozzi

Shining was third in the teen/senior showdown.

Shining Girls (front row) Myah Bell, Bella Boye, Madison Meredith, Elli Caunitis; (second row)  Ella Arcari, Christina Mallozzi, Alaina Hubbard.

Dancers included:  Adie Arcari, Ella Arcari, Jaysen Bechtold, Myah Bell, Madison Betsill, Owen Boskey, Bella Boye, Elli Caunitis, Alaina Hubbard, Destiney Lewis, Christina Mallozzi, Michael Mallozzi, Madison Meredith, Kathryn Milligan, Scott Milligan, Yasly Nunez, Lauren Perry, Kiersten Powell, Jadelynn Stoffyn, and Sarah Wilder.  Owner/Director is Robin Passmore.

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