Board Of Education Election Results

WOOLWICH TWP. – There were election contests for board of education seats for the Swedesboro Woolwich Board of Education as well as seats representing Woolwich Township on the Kingsway Board of Education in November’s election. The South Harrison School District also had a school safety public question on their ballot that was approved.


Voters in the Swedesboro Woolwich Board of Education contest had four candidates to choose from for three open seats.

The winner was Gina Azzari with 3,142 votes. Second was Deborah Allen with 3,063. Current Board Vice President Jaclyn Dopke won the last seat with 2,764 over Al Beaver with 2,398. She was the only incumbent. There were 63 write ins.


For the Woolwich seat on the Kingsway Board of Education, voters had three candidates to pick from for two seats. Winning was current board member Michele Blair with 2,466 and newcomer Marilyn O’Rourke-Young with 2,197. Patrick Daley received 2,144 votes. There were 37 write-in votes.

For the one open seat representing East Greenwich, Kingsway Board President Jim Mueller ran unopposed, garnering 3,202 votes. There were 74 write-in votes.


Running unopposed, candidates Board Vice President Kelly Hicks won with 3,038, Board President Lyn McGravey with 2,999 votes, and Mike Skowronski with 2,898. There were 360 write-in votes.


Voters here elected incumbent Kristen Lombardo with 1,575 votes, Board President Francis Donnelly with 1,572 votes, and Board Vice President Carolyn Kegler with 1,529 votes to their three open seats. There were 31 write-in votes.


Voters here only had two candidates with three open seats. They elected Laura Bruno with 842 votes and David Asis with 789 votes. Write-ins totaled 151 votes.

Voters approved Public Question 1 by a vote of 668 to 598, authorizing $120,000 to enhance school security .

This meant upgrades to the district’s analog phone system and wireless infrastructure, purchase of emergency response equipment, visitor management hardware and software, as well as other facility and technology upgrades.


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