Swedesboro Council Discusses Plans For 2019

By Nina Rosenberg

SWEDESBORO — Swedesboro Mayor Tom Fromm spoke about the submitted budget report for 2018 at the Dec. 17 Council meeting, with proposed changes being made in the budget for 2019.

“We didn’t do some things we were hoping on and will have to push them off until next year,” he stated.

Councilwoman Diane Hale reported that the Municipal Alliance Commission will have an increased budget for 2019. The county also notified Hale that they will be reimbursing more money for Swedesboro’s 2019 biannual shredding events.

Councilman George Weeks spoke for theGarbage and Recycling Commission, noting that

last year the average unit in town threw out a little over 1,700 pounds of trash, recycled about 765 pounds of materials, and threw out about a third of a cubic yard of vegetative materials. “People are doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” remarks Weeks. To help keep residents informed, fliers are expected to be going out in January explaining what they can and cannot put in their recycling.

Road repair, maintenance, and safety was also discussed during the Council Meeting. Fromm reported that repairs will be completed on the salt sprayers before the next snowfall. Fromm said the Council is also pursuing a shared service agreement with other local towns for a new street sweeper.

Public Works repaired a blockage on Second Street and found a gas main while in construction. They will be working with South Jersey Gas to pay for the repair. The police department will also be increasing DUI patrols over the next three weekends, so more police activity will be seen along the roads.

Lynn Boussett was named as the new Chairperson of Swedesboro’s Environmental Commission for 2019. Councilman Sam Casella spoke on her behalf saying, “She’s going to do a great job. She has good ideas and is always willing to jump in as soon as she can. I’m looking forward to seeing her on board.”

Casella also announced that Swedesboro was approved for the grant of $2,000 from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for radon testing kits. It’s required by the grant to acquire three vendor quotes. “But I’m hoping,” said Casella, “If at all possible, we give the business to our local vendor, True Value.”

Fromm reported on ongoing projects for Swedesboro that will continue for 2019. “We were denied the Stewart Trust Grant for the Glen Echo gas station.” Fromm explained the proposed plans.

“We put in for a grant in the hopes that we could build a parking area and then a land bridge or walkway to the other park we have on Glen Echo. But upon further research, we discovered there were more environmental problems than we want to take on.”

A redevelopment project approved by the Council located at the Del Monte facilities “did not make the cut again this year,” said Fromm. “We’ve been asked to rethink the 64 affordable housing units for the project.”

Fromm explained that the reason it failed was that the plan included only one and two bedroom homes. To be approved they would have to be three bedrooms.

“Because this project was shot down, listed as Option A in our affordable housing plan, we still need to maintain an Option B, which still includes Valley View. As a result of that, the planning board granted another one year extension to Valley View at the last meeting. It keeps our affordable housing plan intact and in compliance.”

Kingsway’s Education Foundation will be holding its annual Toast of the Town Fundraiser at Botto’s on Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. For additional information on this event, call the Kingsway Education Foundation at 856-467-3300, ext. 4205.

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