Logan Township Residents, Council Discuss Beckett Road Speeding Problems

by Robert Holt

BRIDGEPORT — During their meeting on Jan. 15, the Logan Township Council continued discussions with residents living on or near Beckett Road regarding ideas to slow down truck traffic on that road. Talks have been ongoing, but temporary fixes have not solved the problem for residents.

Councilmember Chris Morris believes that rumble strips have made a difference, but they are not a permanent solution. Morris acknowledges tractor trailers as the biggest problem.

During the public portion of the meeting, residents indicated that roads are showing cracks, the speed bumps sound like thunder, and the noise was “horrendous.” Diverting the Beckett Road traffic to Heron Drive was suggested, along with signage indicating “no left turn” and “no right turn.”

Engineer Annina Hogan reported that a preliminary sound inspection on Beckett Road had been completed, trying about nine locations.

In Council updates, Logan Township Mayor Frank Minor spoke about a “stressful situation” that took place in the community the day before this meeting. A gunman entered a UPS facility on Birch Creek Road in Logan Township and took two hostages. The man was fatally shot after about a three and a half hour standoff. Police were forced to close off several streets, and the hostages were not hurt.

“There were no issues,” Minor said. “Logan’s Police Department stepped up to the plate and handled it perfectly.”

Elsewhere, the meeting also saw two members of the local police force receive promotions, while a 25-year veteran was acknowledged upon his retirement. Former Logan Township Police Chief Robert Leash received a proclamation from Council after officially retiring on Dec. 31.

Council promoted Capt. Joseph Lombardo, who joined the Logan Township Police Department in 1997, to Chief of Police, and Lt. Joseph Flatley was elevated to captain. Flatley joined the Logan Police in July 2001.

Minor said he worked with Lombardo for many years as a friend and a neighbor. He described Flatley, “Anybody who knows Captain Flatley knows that he is a professional man, doing a professional job.”

Minor added that Lombardo and Flatley were committed to their jobs and would lay their lives down for the people of Logan Township.

Regarding Leash, Minor pointed out, “The words on the proclamation do not express what he has brought to the neighborhood and the position.”

Leash began his career with the Lower Alloway Creek Police Department in January 1994 and started in Logan Township in August of that year. Leash noted that he and the Logan Police would not have been able to achieve half of what they did without the support of the Mayor, Council, and the community.

In resolutions, Council appointed Chief Lombardo as Grant Coordinator and sub-record custodian of all police department records for Logan Township, while Public Works Superintendent Michael Riley was named the Township’s Municipal Stormwater Program Coordinator.

Another resolution saw Council authorize a license agreement with Liberty Venture I LP for Logan Township Fire Department Agility Testing. Also, Council approved a contract of $6,000 with the Society to Protect Animals to conduct a dog census for the community.

For his Police Report, Chief Lombardo listed 1,201 calls to service and 141 motor vehicle summonses written for the Logan forces during December. During 2018 there had been 15,630 calls to service and 2,154 motor vehicle summonses written, according to Lombardo.

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