Tomlin & Kings Hwy Get Flashing Signal at Dangerous Intersection

by Robert Holt

MICKLETON — At their meeting on Feb. 12, the East Greenwich Township Committee announced that they were going to receive a flashing signal from Gloucester County that would be installed at the intersection of Kings Highway and Tomlin Station Road.

A series of accidents have occurred at that location over the past few years, and East Greenwich Mayor Dale Archer has been looking to Gloucester County for help. Archer explained that East Greenwich Township has worked with Gloucester County, who undertook an engineering study of the intersection, and concluded that installing a flashing light was the wisest course of action.

“I am extremely pleased and most grateful to Gloucester County,” commented Archer. “I have been calling for this for the past two years.”

The mayor credited Police Chief Francesco and former Chief Chris Everwine “for their due diligence in serving and protecting our community.” Archer continued, “Moreover, I would like to thank Vincent Voltaggio, Director of Engineering for Gloucester County, for making this flashing light a reality.”

“This intersection has turned into a hotbed for accidents,” Archer added. Along with the accidents, the death of an 80-year old Mickleton man occurred at the intersection in a three-vehicle crash in August 2014. Kings Highway and Tomlin Station Road are both owned by Gloucester County.

At the beginning of the meeting, Archer swore in the latest members of the East Greenwich Township Police. Officers Bryan Highley and Ryan Colone became Special Law Enforcement II Officers, while Officers Michael Ciavirella and Daniel Colombaro moved up to full time officer positions.

The mayor thanked the large number of family members in attendance to support the new officers, noting that they would be on the job 24/7. “We’re proud to have them, and we continue to bolster our police department,” Archer said. “We continue to add young talent to give our residents the best protection as possible.”

The Committee also gave authorization to advertise for another full-time police officer, and another adopted resolution allowed the hiring of Steven Schemelia as an SLEO I Officer pending his completion of Class I Academy. “We continue to fulfill our promises to bolster our police department,” Archer explained. “Our goal is to create a traffic unit that can eliminate the speeding and such behavior in our town.”

Elsewhere, the Committee adopted an ordinance that would facilitate the sale of abandoned and foreclosed properties after a public hearing. Solicitor Mark Shoemaker observed that a purchaser currently has to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy, and then an inspection would take place. Archer noted that East Greenwich just wanted to make it easier for someone to come to town and take over a property.

In other resolutions, the Committee appointed Michael Quigley and Dennis Lumia to the Joint Land Use Board as Alternate #2 and #3 and Michael Kidd to Class IV. They also authorized East Greenwich to sign a contract with Electronic Recyclers International, Inc. for disposal of e-waste.

One more resolution allowed the town to complete a commodity resale agreement with Gloucester County. The commodities consisted of four separate units, salt, gas, asphalt materials and diesel fuel, according to Archer.

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