Woolwich Looking to Bolster Fire Prevention From SAFER Grant

WOOLWICH TWP. — During the Woolwich Township Committee meeting on May 20, Woolwich Fire Company Chief David Valichka reported that the local fire company had applied for Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) federal grants.

The SAFER grant program is designed to provide funding directly to fire departments and volunteer firefighters to increase their number of trained, front line fire fighting respondents.

Valichka explained that grants go out in sets and there are a number of them already submitted.

He pointed out that the first groups of grants are decided in June, but Woolwich Township may not be approved immediately.

Committeewoman Gina Santore pointed out that the Committee would be writing a letter of support since the grant has already been submitted. Santore thanked Valichka for always looking out for the safety of the communities. The SAFER program is expected to give away an estimated 300 grants to United States fire companies.

In resolutions, Woolwich Township Police Department Officers Brian Collins and Bay Kastien were elevated to Eighth Class Officers, and the Clerk was authorized to submit a raffle license on behalf of F2D Elite Dance Academy. Also, the Committee passed a deduction for totally disabled veterans.

Elsewhere, the Committee introduced an ordinance amending the Woolwich Township code entitled “Alarm Systems.” Due to certain changes being made in the township emergency services and the oversight of alarm systems in the township, amendments were suggested by the Gloucester Fire Marshall.

Woolwich Township will be giving warning notices to the owner or resident of a residence where up to three false alarms were sounded. Penalties beginning at $50 will increase up to six or more false alarms.

In new business, the Committee approved a Remington and Vernick proposal for a $2,500 Transportation Trust Fund grant application.

Local engineers from Remington and Vernick said they had looked at five different roads around the community. They planed to compare their priories with those chosen by Public Works Manager Anthony Bertino.

Deputy Mayor Natalie Mathias questioned whether the grants were shrinking every year. The engineer responded that the number of awards were going up, but the total cash given away had stayed the same, and a community is allowed to apply for grants on more than one road.

At the beginning of the meeting, Woolwich Mayor Vernon Marino presented proclamations to William and Carolyn Dupper for their years of service as Swedesboro crossing guards. Crossing guards assist children in crossing the roadways going to and from school, and they show appropriate street behavior for younger children.

“They performed their duties with dedication,’’ said Marino. “Our community’s most valuable asset is its children.” The Duppers retired on June 22, 2018.

by Robert Holt

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