East Greenwich Warehouse Gets Go Ahead on Pilot Program

MICKLETON — During their meeting on June 25, the East Greenwich Township Committee introduced an ordinance that authorized the execution of a pilot program with Harmony AP Urban Renewal LLC. This warehouse is one of three projects coming to East Greenwich, said to be about 280,000 square feet.

A pilot program is also known as a feasibility study or experimental trial and is a short-term experiment. It helps an organization learn how a large-scale project might work on a larger scale.

East Greenwich Mayor Dale Archer commented that two developers are committed to building three large warehouses along the Route 295 corridor.

Archer called this an historical time for East Greenwich and mentioned the important items that come with it that will set up the town’s future. These are ratables. “Ratables will come directly to the township,” Archer explained.

Ratables are properties or buildings, mainly used for commercial purposes, that provide high value tax income for a local government. Commercial development in East Greenwich does not pay for government services, or for the increase in locally registered school children from the town’s growing population.

Archer estimated that further development would generate about $415,000 on average over 30 years. He pointed out that the town had a limited infrastructure, and would be taking in over $100,000 in permit, connection and inspection fees. “The operation will be run by the developer, and this will bring in more developers,” the mayor predicted.

“We made difficult decisions at the time, but now we’ll be reaping the rewards,’’ Committeeman Stephen Bottiglieri commented. “We will be looking forward to the future.”

“We are working back and forth with the developers,’’ Archer added. “This is the beginning of a new future with East Greenwich.”

In resolutions, the Committee authorized the submission of grant applications for State of NJ Safe and Sure Communities Grants May 2017- 2020 totaling $41,685 for the police department. Also, the Committee approved including a special item of revenue, the 2019 Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Grant.

Earlier, East Greenwich renewed a shared service agreement with Woolwich Township regarding electrical services. The mayor admitted that he was pleased to be on good terms with other nearby communities.

He took note that shared services had been particularly useful when East Greenwich was basically bankrupt. “Partnerships are so financially sound,” Archer observed.

Archer spoke of the recent storms and flooding that hit parts of the area. “We got volunteers to help Westville,” he said. “We have learned a lot, and we continue to learn.”

by Robert Holt

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