Woolwich, Swedesboro Working Together in Energy Saving Program

WOOLWICH TWP. — At their meeting on June 17, the Woolwich Township Committee discussed progress with the Township’s initiative to save energy and money.

South Jersey Gas is sending postcards to Swedesboro and Woolwich Township residents to invite both communities to participate in the New Jersey Home Performance program. “It helps homeowners to qualify for up to $4000 in cash rebates and up to $10,00 in zero interest financing for home energy improvements that could cut energy use by up to 30 percent,’’ explained Woolwich Mayor Vernon Marino.

Marino noted that Woolwich Township has partnered with SPS Mechanical to encourage participation in the NJ Home Performance with Energy Star Program, and the Woolwich Home Energy Awareness Program is offering a $49 Home Energy Assessment.

“It’s hard to find programs that offer that kind of a deal,” commented Director of Community Development Matt Blake. “We were attracted to this program because it offered us the opportunity to protecting the environment, while also helping the residents realize potentially significant cost savings. When you can demonstrate that you can protect the environment and the economy, that’s always a good thing.”

Blake notes that the township selected local company SPS Mechanical through a competitive process, including the discounted price of $49 for having the audits done.

“When they come to your home, SPS is going to undergo a comprehensive evaluation of the home that looks at energy usage,’’ he explained. “That includes looking at your health and safety equipment, and testing for carbon monoxide, gas leaks, mold/moisture issues.”

“Then they connect a blower door test to see how leaky your house is, in terms of letting heat and energy leak from the house, a duct leakage test, thermal imaging and inspection of all existing insulation values,” he continued. “When it is all said and done, SPS will provide the homeowner with a detailed report outlining their findings with prioritized recommendations. SPS will also assist the homeowner on all necessary paperwork should they qualify for rebates and financing.”

 “The process is all really voluntary,” Blake added. The homeowner gets the report, and then decides for themselves whether they want SPS or some other company to effectuate the improvements. They’re only in your home for three hours.”

“We have extended the offer to Swedesboro, and both Mayor Vernon Marino and [Mayor] Tom Fromm have been working well together. They really wanted to get behind this project.”

Elsewhere, in resolutions, the Committee authorized the hiring of three Class III officers within the Woolwich Township Police Department. Woolwich Chief of Police Richard Jaramillo has recommended the hiring of Kenny Gabriel, James Denver and Mike Larosa as Class III Special Law Enforcement Officers effective Sept. 1. The positions are considered part-time, and the officers will work within the Kingsway Regional and Swedesboro/Woolwich school districts.

One more adopted resolution authorized engineers from Remington and Vernick to prepare and

engineer additional applications at $1,600 apiece from the New Jersey Department of Transportation Fiscal Year 2020 State Aid Program. The engineers had already been authorized to prepare a $2,500 grant from the NJDOT State Aid Program.

Under new business, the Woolwich Fire Company was granted the use of Locke Ave. Park for a wine event on Oct. 5. The Fire Company needed permission because there is an ordinance in place that prohibits public drinking in a park. Deputy Mayor Natalie Matthias pointed out that the Fire Company also had to meet insurance and ABC requirements.

Also, issues with the High Hill Road Shared Use Path Phase I drainage review have yet be resolved, and the Committee recommended that the plans be returned to the contractor to be reset.

In Historical Society news, Committeeman Dan Battisti reported that the New Jersey Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club came back to Swedesboro to honor Swedesboro native Brigadier General Louis Henry Carpenter, commander of the 10th Cavalry. The wreath laying ceremony took place at New Trinity cemetery on Church Street.

Carpenter was a U.S. Army Brigadier General who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the American/Indian wars. 

by Robert Holt

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