Swedesboro Using Stickers to Remind Residents of Proper Recycling

SWEDESBORO — During their meeting on Nov. 18, the Swedesboro Council continued their discussion on proper recycling for the community.

Swedesboro has ordered stickers to be placed on a resident’s recycling containers to remind them that recycling plastic bags is no longer legal. Reports are saying that six truckloads of recycling were rejected in September for containing plastic bags.

The borough is charged $75 for every load that is rejected. Then there is another charge for delivering rejected bags to the landfill.

Councilmember George Weeks mentioned that if only one bag of bottles is found in a truckload, the whole truck will be rejected. Council wants to remind the residents of proper recycling because the borough, and then perhaps the taxpayers, will wind up paying any penalties.      Weeks believes the stickers will help. “Most of the plastic we get from local businesses are not acceptable,” Weeks observed.

Elsewhere in recycling, Weeks explained that the Curb My Clutter organization had changed their name to Retrievr. They would work the same way as Curb My Clutter, according to Weeks. “Retrievr still takes away your clothes and you can still clean out your closets,” he explained.

From the public portion of the meeting, Helen Fromm questioned whether the stickers would hold to the receptacles in colder weather. The Council didn’t feel that the conditions would be a factor.

In his Environmental Commission report, Councilmember Sam Casella said the organization was working on an ordinance about the plastic bags that needs to be reviewed. In Public Works, Casella reported that the ice rink had been put up with the help of Woolwich Township. Also, the renovation of the Auction Building was coming along well.

For Public Safety, Casella noted that any changes had been submitted to the pending Woolwich Township Police Department contract. Negotiations have been going on for a five-year agreement with the police, according to Casella.

Woolwich Police Lt. Joseph Morgan told Council that Broad and Third Street would be getting a guard rail. It would be parallel to the tracks, and only passable in one lane. Morgan suggested that Allen to Broad Street be turned into a one-way street.

In other reports, Bob Jonas from Gloucester County was continuing to check on local traffic signs that had faded and needed repainting. For Shade Tree, Councilmember Dave Flaherty pointed out that nine dead trees were to be taken down by about mid-December. The trees would be replaced in March.

For Parks and Recreation, Councilmember Joanna Gahrs mentioned that they were still working on the Holiday Village, scheduled for Nov. 30. She indicated there would be hot chocolate and caroling afterward. In her Board of Health report, Gahrs noted that a Veterans Luncheon was set for the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport on Dec. 27.

In her Fire report, Councilmember Mary Alice O’Blennis announced that the Woolwich Fire Company’s latest hoagie sale had sold out in record time. She added that Christmas trees will be on sale from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. on weeknights. About 250 trees had been ordered.

by Robert Holt

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