Logan Township Continues to Work on Traffic Issues

BRIDGEPORT — During their meeting on July 21, the Logan Township Council passed an ordinance that would amend the township code and establish a municipal truck route.

The township has been working on repairs for its roadways and ideas for slowing down speeders. As Logan Township has been building up its businesses, truck traffic has increased in the township. A public hearing is scheduled for Aug. 18 on the matter.

Another resolution adopted at this meeting saw Council approve the first payment of $408,445.19 to Think Pavers Hardscaping LLC, for the Beckett Road traffic calming and resurfacing project. One more resolution involving road repairs saw Council authorize the submission of a grant application and execute a grant agreement with the New Jersey Department of Transportation for the Township Line Road improvements Phase IV project.

Meanwhile, Council authorized the appointment of JP Capizzi, LLC, as Bond Counsel through Dec. 31. Council also approved the appointment of NW Financial Group LLC, Professional Financial Advisory Service Through Dec. 31.

Other resolutions saw Council authorizing the execution of a master donation of property agreement with Amazon. The Council also authorized the sale through an online auction with Municibid LLC of township property and/or vehicles that have been deemed surplus municipal property and are no longer needed for public purposes.

Council took some time to purchase two waste collection trucks through a nationally recognized co-op with Sourcewell from Peterbilt and Granturk.

In new business, Council approved an athletic field use request from All Out Sports Club, submitted by Brett Thorp. This request was for the use of the Logan Township baseball field.

Municipal Clerk Linda Oswald said the organization had submitted all the documentation of the others. “Now they will have to coordinate with all the other teams that have been approved for the use of the ball field,” she added.

Council also authorized advertising to hire for vacancies in firefighters and inspectors. A

New Jersey State Firemen’s Association membership application was submitted by Jared W. Redmond of the Logan Township/ Bridgeport Fire Department.

Council authorized an execution of treatment release for the New Jersey Spotted Lanternfly Cooperative Eradication Program. In the USA, the spotted lanternfly is an invasive species that can devastate some New Jersey crops and hardwood trees. This insect was confirmed in Pennsylvania in September 2014 and has been spotted in many New Jersey counties, including Gloucester, in recent years.

The Council introduced Logan Township’s 2020 municipal budget at this meeting. They also approved a temporary, emergency budget until they were able to adopt the budget. A public hearing about the budget is set for Aug. 18.

In updates, Deputy Mayor Bernadine Jackson mentioned that Logan Township was doing another newsletter in August.

In response to a phone question about how many lights are going down Beckett Road, Engineer Annina Hogan said she thinks they are waiting until the budget passes to be able to tell.

Ann McDevitt of Eagle Farms wondered how many accidents have taken place at the intersection of Beckett Road and Center Square Road since the new medium was put into place.

Police Chief Lombardo said he didn’t have that information with him at the present time, but he can certainly get it.

Another person questioned whether putting in the medium would keep trucks from entering Beckett Road at all. Hogan noted that they would have to get approval from the DOT to keep trucks away from Beckett Road. “Our school buses and trash trucks can still negotiate down that road,” commented Councilmember Art Smith.

UPS trucks, Fed Ex trucks are all permissible, added Logan Township Mayor Frank Minor. McDevitt asked when paving on Township Line Road and Beckett Road would be completed. “Beckett Road is substantially completed,” Hogan observed. “The paving is almost completed, but the project has more work yet. Striping still has to be done.”

“Some sections of Township Line aren’t going to be finished at all,” pointed out Minor. 

The Logan Township Police Department reported on Facebook that previous paving and patchwork was found to need some additional repairs before paving can be completed. They suggest that motorists use Beckett Road or Heron Drive as alternates unless you absolutely need to access the Vineyards or Westbrook.

by Robert Holt

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