Songs and a Smile

WOOLWICH TWP. — For many residents living in an indoor care facility (Nursing Homes, Assisted Livings), safety away from Coronavirus contamination is of utmost importance. While loneliness and isolation may be staved temporarily with creative internal activities, the personal connection of actually being able to smile and interact, laugh and share real-time fun has abated.

Sadly, emotional responses such as depression or anxiety, as well as physical responses of improper nutritional intake, have been prevalent amongst residents. So, how can we change this a little?
It’s also no secret that anyone with talent is currently unable to optimally perform for a live audience. Local students of performing arts, vocalists, and instrumentalists are practicing into a computer screen. But what if there was a way to interact using their talent?
Introducing Window Songs LIVE, a website designed to bring back joy and smiles to residents and performers in a safe manner. The basic premise is that one representative of an indoor facility (Director of Life Enrichment or Activity Coordinator) can connect with local free performing groups.

Once established what type of performance will work at that facility (number of performers needed), performers arrive outside at a specified time and date.  They remain outside, go up to the designated window individually, and call the number posted on the window. Then the magic begins in a safe manner.  
Creativity and outside-the-box (or window) thinking is needed during these unprecedented times. Woolwich Township Resident Dr. Michele Blair created the website as a resource for connecting shut-in residents with free local talent. Local performers gain experience while providing a service for indoor residents.
Music has the ability to heal the soul and a smile can warm the heart.
Here is how it’s set up. For facilities, Blair is asking that one main contact from the facility coordinate the listing. First, list your facility on the website site. Then determine the number of residents interested and dates/times that work for your ‘concert’. Lastly, connect with the talent.

The performers will show up at the designated times and remain outside, then call the phone number you post to a window (to allow the resident to speak with a performer and listen), and perform for the requested time slots. Depending on your facility (or the performers available that week/month), the concerts are tailored to your needs.
Ideas to consider:
1. Individual windows: One resident to look out and watch a performance. Post a phone number to that room window. Listen via phone when the performer calls in. Enjoy meeting a new friend or future pen-pal.
2. The main window for viewing with a speaker. Bring a few residents at a time to watch out one window (depending on how many may safely watch at once, you may consider more than one concert).
3. Ideas are endless. Get creative and see what works best for you.
Performers: If you sing, play an instrument, dance, or are the coordinator of a group of talented performers, this site may be for you. If you are willing to drive to a local facility, please use the free directory to find residents looking to watch your performer.

You will coordinate with the main facility contact (times, number of performers requested, etc.) and stay outside the facility to perform. The coordinator can meet you (please wear a mask for this part) and direct your performers exactly where to go.

When you arrive at a window, simply call the number listed and speak with the resident/s in view. Remember your cell phone- and have fun!
For the safety of your performer, please consider the weather and terrain when attempting to perform. Remember, this is for free fun and experience. Each facility may have a liability waiver as they are not held responsible for the elements of nature.

Also, please just check with the coordinator to see if pictures are allowed. Safety is a priority, therefore if you do not feel safe at the facility, please speak with the coordinator immediately.

Visit to sign-up or like WindowSongsLIVE on Facebook.

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