East Greenwich Looking For Environmental Commission Members

MICKLETON — The East Greenwich Township Environmental Commission is looking for individuals who are interested in keeping their community beautiful and sustainable.

According to East Greenwich officials, depending on your level of interest and availability, there are two opportunities:

The township is looking for a few new members to serve on the Commission. The time commitment is one evening a month for Commission meetings, with the potential for a few other planning meetings and events – depending on the month. Anyone interested, please email Chris Nelson at EGEnviro@eastgreenwichnj.com with the subject line “Environmental Commission”.

The township is also building a list of individuals and families who are interested in volunteering to help with events and projects. No time commitment is required. They would just add your information to a list of people to reach out to when the township will be doing a Commission-related cleanup, a planting, or any activity where help would be needed.

If you want to join that volunteer list, please send an email to Chris Nelson at EGEnviro@eastgreenwichnj.com with the subject line “Volunteer List.” Please include the first and last names of each individual who wishes to receive notifications as well as an email address for each, and which part of East Greenwich you live (i.e., Mickleton, Clarksboro, or Mt. Royal).

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