Woolwich Fire Company Helps Contain 30 Acre Brush Fire

SWEDESBORO — Woolwich Fire Chief David Valichka stated at the Swedesboro Borough Council’s virtual meeting on March 15 that the Woolwich Fire Company was called in to help diffuse a 30-acre brush fire in Carney’s Point on Sunday, March 14.

The cause of the fire, which is still under investigation, rapidly destroyed several vehicles as well as damaged parts of the Riverside Apartments and the 6th Ave Nursing Home. Valichka stated that the wind was very bad and some of the flames were 30 feet tall.

The fire was eliminated before it could continue toward Pedricktown.

Councilmember George Weeks stated that recyclable loads are still being rejected, due to the large number of plastic bags being thrown in with items, with grocery bags being the main culprit. Only loose recyclables should go into the blue can and not the bags themselves.

Mayor Thomas Fromm stated that several new businesses will be calling Swedesboro their new home soon and that “big things are happening in Swedesboro.” Some of the new businesses include the Grand Opening of The Spicy Affair, Swedesboro Brewery, Cocktails and a Box, as well as Hens & Honey, a popular soap store that is in the process of moving from Salem to Swedesboro.

Fromm afterwards went on to say that businesses will now have their grease traps tested, in an effort to control the borough’s current grease problem as well.

Councilmember Sam Casella announced that, in conjunction with The Woolwich Environmental Commission, there will be an 18 Hole Frisbee Golf event to be held at the High Hill Park Estates.  This outing is tentatively scheduled for July 18.

Casella also mentioned The Bluebird Project in which bird houses were sorted throughout the area in an attempt to attract more birds to help control insects. In addition, Casella also announced that the streetlights that are currently not working near Walter Hill School are being addressed.

Councilmember Tom Flaherty stated the lights in the library’s parking lot will soon be upgraded to LED lights.

— By David Warren

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