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East Greenwich Fire & Rescue Log

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Dwelling Fire: 4; Building Fire: 1; Vehicle Fire: 1; Rubbish Fire: 1; Motor Vehicle Crash: 6; Medical Emergency: 1; Fire Alarm: 5; Carbon Monoxide Alarm: 2; Fumes: 1; Cover Assignment: 1; Assist Police: 1

May 19: 219 Democrat Road for a motor vehicle crash. Crews arrived to find a minor MVC in the parking lot of a business. The driver was having a medical issue. Patient was turned over to GC EMS. Crews applied oil dry for leaking fluids and scene was turned over to EGPD. Crews were in service 20 minutes.

May 19: Rt. 295 at mile marker 17.8 for a motor vehicle crash. The Crash was discovered by Greenwich Twp. Police Dept. officer, a one vehicle MVC on the side of the road. Driver refused treatment. Crews remained on scene to assist with lighting. Crews were in service 44 minutes.

May 23: 405 Catalba Ave. for a fire alarm. Chief Gould (1901) arrived to find careless cooking set off the alarm. Crews were in service for 8 minutes.

May 25: 3 Osprey Ct. in Logan Twp. for a Cover Assignment. Logan Twp. was assigned to a propylene leak in a rail car in the Pureland Industrial Complex. EGTFR was originally dispatched to cover Logan, but crews were moved up to the scene to assist in the Haz-Mat operation. Crews stood by for fire suppression while the Haz-Mat Team made entry to control the leak. Crews were in service for six hours and 29 minutes.

May 25: 174 W. Tomlin Station Rd. for a vehicle fire. Crews arrived to find a one vehicle MVC with no fire. Scene was turned over to EGPD. Crews were in service for 18 minutes.

May 31: 93 Deerhorn Dr. for a fire alarm. Crews arrived to investigate. They found several bad batteries and bad fire alarm units in the residence.  Crews assisted the homeowner in changing out the alarms and batteries. Crews were in service for 69 minutes.

June 6: 161 Kings Hwy., CW Brown and Co., for fumes. Crews arrived and investigated a suspected natural gas leak. A bad diaphragm was found in one of gas lines and was shut down. Scene was turned over to SJ Gas. Crews were in service for 31 minutes.

June 13: E Cohawkin Rd. at County House Rd. for a motor vehicle crash. EGPD reported a head-on MVC with entrapment. Crews arrived to find a passenger vehicle versus a small box truck. The driver of the box truck was heavily entrapped. Crews went into service with extrication tools and were able to remove the patient in nine minutes. Patient was turned over to GC EMS. Also dispatched was Gibbstown FD. EGPD is investigating the crash. Crews were in service for 40 minutes.

June 14: W Cohawkin Rd. at Friendship Rd. for a motor vehicle crash. Crews arrived to find a vehicle versus pole. There was heavy damage to the pole. The patient was transported by GC EMS. Utility companies were notified pole needed to be replaced. Crews stood by while the vehicle was removed and for traffic control until Gloucester County Highway was able to shut the roadway down. Crews were in service for 28 minutes.

June 15: Cedar Rd. and Union Rd. for a motor vehicle crash. Reported to be a two vehicle MVC with one patient lying on the ground. Crews arrived to find two patients and no entrapment. Patients were treated and transported by GC EMS. Scene was turned over to EGPD. Crews were in service for 24 minutes.

Do you have what it takes to “Become Your Own Hometown Hero”! East Greenwich Twp. Fire and Rescue is an all-volunteer emergency response department protecting East Greenwich and its surrounding communities. Anyone interested in joining us, please e-mail recruitment@district19.org, call 856-423-6916 or stop by the Cohawkin Rd station on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.


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