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East Greenwich Twp. Fire and Rescue Response Log

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eg fire emblem webJuly 1 – July 31

Dwelling Fire: 3; Vehicle Fire: 1; Commercial Vehicle Fire: 1; Rubbish Fire: 1; Motor Vehicle Crash: 4; Wires Down or Arching: 2; Fire Alarm: 6; Carbon Monoxide Alarm:        1; Fumes: 2; Service Assignment: 1; Standby: 1

July 3: Mile marker 17.8 Route 295 for a Motor Vehicle Crash. Rescue 1918 arrived to find a MVC with no entrapment. The crew assisted GC EMS with loading the patient. The station was in service for 30 mins.

July 13: 119 Acorn Dr. for fumes. Crews arrived and confirmed natural gas filling the house. The cause was determined to be an unlit stove left on all day. Crews began ventilating the house and requested SJ Gas respond. The house was vented and crews turned the house over to SJ Gas and the homeowner. The station was in service for 59 mins.

July 14: Union Rd. at Cedar Rd. for a motor vehicle crash. 1902 (Dep. Chief Hall) arrived to find a 1 vehicle MVC with no entrapment. Rescue 1918 arrived to set up lighting for the scene. Crews disconnected the battery for safety. Crews were in service for 23 mins.

July 15: 117 Timberlane Rd. for fumes. Engine 1911 arrived to find a leaking propane tank. The cause was determined to be a leaking safety valve, possibly activated when tank was overfilled. Crews stood by while the tank vented. The department was in service for 22 mins.

July 16: Mile marker 17.6 Route 295 northbound for a Motor Vehicle Crash. 1902 (Dep. Chief Hall) arrived to find it off the road. He confirmed no entrapment. 1901 (Chief Gould) arrived to find the second vehicle further down Rt. 295. He requested a second ambulance. Rescue 1918 arrived and stood by. It was determined no fire department services were needed. The station was in service for 43 mins.

July 21: Mile marker 18.0 Route 295 southbound for a Commercial Vehicle Fire. 1901 (Chief Gould) arrived to find a commercial trailer with the rear tires on fire. 1901 advised Gloucester County Communications that the location was on the Paulsboro West Deptford border. Engine 1911 arrived and went into service with a 2 inch hose line. Crews extinguished the fire and opened the container to find the fire had extended into the container. The contents were determined to be 50 lbs bags of sugar. The GC Fire Marshall and GC Health Dept. were notified. A crew from the shipping company was brought out to unload the bags so crews could cool down the area where fire had extended into. Crews were in service for 95 mins. Also dispatched were West Deptford, Paulsboro, Harrison, Woolwich, NJSP and NJ DOT.

July 24: 543 Kings Hwy. for Wires Down or Arching. Brush 1915 arrived to find an electrical wire burning on the pole. AC Electric was notified and crews stood by until they arrived to disconnect the power. Crews were in service for 39 mins.

July 25: 116 W. Cohawkin Rd. for a rubbish fire. Engine 1911 arrived to find a lawn mower on fire ten feet from the house. Crews went into service with a small hose line. Crews were in service for 29 mins.

Do you have what it takes to “Become Your Own Hometown Hero”!  East Greenwich Twp. Fire and Rescue is an all-volunteer emergency response department protecting East Greenwich and its surrounding communities.  Anyone interested in joining us, please e-mail recruitment@district19.org, call 856-423-6916 or stop by the Cohawkin Rd station on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

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