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East Greenwich Twp Fire and Rescue response log

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Sept. 1 through Sept. 30, 2017.

Dwelling Fire: 5; Building Fire: 1; Brush Fire: 2; Motor Vehicle Crash: 4; Cardiac Arrest: 1; Fire Investigation: 1; Fire Alarm: 7; Carbon Monoxide Alarm: 2; Fumes: 1; Service Assignment: 1

Sept. 17: 03:35, 106 Quail Ridge Way for a CO Alarm. Crews investigated upon arrival. Dwelling was checked with meters, nothing was found. The cause was determined to be a faulty alarm. Crews were in service for 32 minutes.

Sept. 17: 12:01, 4301 Royal Crescent Ct. for a Dwelling Fire. Crews arrived to find a smoke condition in the residence, no fire was found. The cause was determined to be a baby bottle that fell out of the dishwasher rack and onto the heating element below. Crews vented the house of smoke and were clear. The station was in service for 20 minutes. Also dispatched were Harrison, Woolwich, Paulsboro and GC EMS.

Sept. 21, Shady Lane Nursing Home, 256 County House Rd, for a Service Assignment.  EGTFR participated in Shady Lane’s annual family picnic. Crews showed off Rescue 1918. Kids were able to feel like real firefighters by putting out a “house fire” on the house mock up. A good time was had by all.

Sept. 24 at 13:56, 11 Cedar Rd. for a Motor Vehicle Crash. Crews arrived to find a one vehicle crash into a pole. One patient in the vehicle suffered a loss of consciousness. Crews were able to open the door and the patient was transported to the hospital by GC EMS. The crash is being investigated by EGPD.  Crews were in service for 23 minutes.

Sept. 26 at 10:29, Kings Hwy. at Tomlin Station Rd. for a Motor Vehicle Crash. Deputy Chief Hall (1902) arrived to find a two vehicle MVC, one vehicle on its side with one patient trapped. The other patient was able to be removed by GC EMS. 1902 requested Rescue 2318 from Harrison Twp for assistance. GC EMS requested a Medevac helicopter put on standby. Rescue 1918’s crew began stabilizing the vehicle and disconnecting the battery. Once the vehicle was stabile, both rescue crews went to work removing the roof. The roof was removed and patient was safely extricated. Patient injuries were minor and the Medevac was canceled. GC EMS transported both patients to the hospital. Rescue 1918 stood by for both vehicles to be towed. The crash is being investigated by EGPD. EGTFR was in serviced for 57 minutes.

Sept. 29 at 22:05, 332 Concetta Dr. for Fumes. The caller reported a strong odor of gas outside her residence. Crews arrived and investigated. The odor was determined to be coming from a vehicle leaking gasoline several doors down from the caller. The vehicle’s owner was aware and was having it repaired shortly. Crews were in service for 34 minutes.

Sept. 30 at 02:49, Kings Hwy. at Colonial Dr. for a Rescue Assignment. Rescue 1918 arrived at 344 Kings Hwy. to find a one vehicle crash, vehicle on its side and patient trapped inside. Rescue 2118 from Gibbstown was also dispatched. 1918’s crew stabilized the vehicle while 2118’s crew disconnected the battery. Both crews went to work cutting open the car’s roof to remove the patient. The front half of the roof was flapped open and crews were able to remove the patient. He was transported to the hospital by GC EMS. Rescue 1918 stood by for the vehicle to be towed. The crash is being investigated by EGPD. Rescue 1918 was in service for 68 minutes.

Do you have what it takes to “Become Your Own Hometown Hero”!  East Greenwich Twp. Fire and Rescue is an all-volunteer emergency response department protecting East Greenwich and its surrounding communities.  Anyone interested in joining us, please e-mail recruitment@district19.org, call 856-423-6916 or stop by the Cohawkin Road station on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

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