November 19, 2018
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Letter To The Editor

November 1, 2018 12:01 am2 commentsViews: 160

Woolwich: Help us help you… by voting.

Residents: last year, you embarked on a journey with us to rid Woolwich of Mayor Alan Schwager and Deputy Mayor Frank Rizzi. Your voice was heard at the polls. You supported us with a large plurality, a mandate for change.

We ask that you recognize the power you have to affect change in your community by voting for Natalie Matthias and Jeremiah Hawkins.

This was always a two-year campaign for change. Maybe you’ve recognized the holdovers of the Schwager administration are alive and well, maybe you haven’t. Between his hand-picked professionals, staff, and three elected members of the Schwager team still in place, former Mayor Schwager has been pulling the strings for the past 11 months – that’s 11 months since you voted him out of office. Despite the fact that we are public servants, having served in local government, we have been stymied at every attempt to bring best practices to Woolwich, practices to improve service to residents. Since it wasn’t Schwager’s goal to provide the residents with transparency and best practices, it’s logical that it’s not the goal of his team and hand-picked successor.

The township committee form of government allows the majority to select a mayor for a one-year term. You might not know you don’t directly elect your mayor. Upon departing, Schwager installed as mayor the weakest of the three left on his team, Jordan Schlump, so that his directives could be carried out. Schlump, disenfranchised in 2017 by his party, told us he wanted to be free of Schwager, to make a difference for the residents, and that he’d work with us. His word was not his bond. He withdrew his support from us and was selected as mayor in January 2018 by two other teammates, not elected by thousands of residents.

We know we’re reaching many more residents by writing a letter to the editor than we could at the twice-monthly Township Committee public meetings. Residents are too busy to attend meetings unless they have a pressing issue. There is a pressing issue – your work is not done until you have rejected the rest of the Schwager team. That includes rejecting this year’s two hopefuls: Beth Sawyer and Craig Frederick.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of Natalie Matthias and Jeremiah Hawkins for Woolwich Township Committee. They desire to serve the public; they’ve done it for years.

With them as our partners in local government, Woolwich can achieve great things, including: transparent, open government; preservation of open space; standing together to demand our fair share of state funding to keep property taxes under control; and implementing smart business growth plans to build our local economy.

You have a big choice to make on Tuesday or when you vote by mail: continue the failed administration of Alan Schwager or vote to improve your community by rejecting his puppets, like you rejected him last year. The choice is yours, the time is now. Thank you in advance for your support of our goals for Woolwich by supporting Natalie Matthias and Jeremiah Hawkins.

Vernon Marino

Committeeman, Elected 2017

Term 2018-2020

Gina Marie Santore

Committeewoman, Elected 2017

Term 2018-2020


  • Jordan Schlump

    New Town Press Letter to the Editor. I have been attacked again and can no longer remain silent. I am extremely disappointed in both The New Town Press and two members of our Township Committee for their vicious and unsubstantiated attacks.
    First, shame on New Town Press. They published a campaign piece from Vern Marino and Gina Santore under the guise of a Letter To The Editor. Last year it was Fromm at the keyboard. Now this. The New Town Press is allowing itself to be used as a political platform for attack with no viable means of response. I am forced to rely on social media to defend myself.
    For the life of me, I can’t follow the dots Marino and Santore are trying to connect between me and Alan Schwager. Anyone who knows us is well aware that we are not fans of one another. The only strand of truth buried in their mudslinging is that I was, indeed, frustrated at times last year when I felt that I was not included in some decisions that were being made. I have learned this year that the position of Mayor can be a lonely one and demands leadership at
    all times. I am my own man and a Mayor who answers to his own conscience and the needs of the residents.
    What strikes me most deeply is that I went to great lengths to make things better for Vern & Gina and gave them free rein to run their departments as they saw fit, yet ended up with a
    knife in my back. But I would be selfish to think this is all about me, as my public service is coming to an end. Please do not be fooled by the Democrats’ parlor tricks. You will notice that they have never even attempted to address the impeccable credentials of Beth Sawyer and Craig Frederick. Think what you will of anyone who has served in the past. Beth and Craig are the far superior candidates and should be judged on their own merits. These two professionals are motivated to serve the residents of Woolwich Township.

  • Wow..Jordan Schlump as a weak individual? And a “left over” from Schwagers team…Neither can be furthest from the truth! I am on the combined Swedesboro Woolwich Environment Commison and have been for years with Jordan. Even before he was a councilman or Mayor for Woolwich. Jordan has created the public gardens that has been a huge success and yields large amounts of fresh produce to the food banks after every season….all from scratch…Schwager downed everything the SWEC EVER tried to do. Jordan is his own person who has always only done what was best for the residents of Woolwich! I know Jordan and I have NEVER seen him be a person who identifies party before decision….EVER. I am also the VFW Surgeon and the post had the best support ever this past year from Jordan that an award was warranted for the support the VFW recieved.
    After reading this letter from Vernon Marino & Gina Marie Santore I am disgusted & saddened by how they belittle & put down Wooleich residents stating indirectly that the residents are ignorant uninformed voters that need to be spoon-fed like children on how thier government is designed as well as uncaring about issues unless it directly effects a resident….is that true? Do residents need these two know it all saviors to defend know nothing Woolwich residents? I don’t see woolwich residents that they think you are? All the residents I know…including some of my family are intelligent, great people! Who the hell gave these two the audacity to label themselves smarter than thier constituants? Are they right? Do you need to be lied to and be blindly led? All because…let me guess….it’s a party thing for them….and doing anything just for a party is never going to be an action for what’s best for any community.
    The letter is correct on one topic….VOTE INFORMED. Make your own choices from your own truths & researches.
    Thank you for your time.
    V/R, Matt Cahill

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